Outsourcing the Flu

For the last 4-5 days I've been down with flu/respiratory crud, and along with that I've had the attendant exhaustion, achiness, weakness, congestion, and overall blahness that comes from being sick. We all know that this has been a tough flu season, and though it seems to be on the downswing, it's still pretty bad out there, no matter where you live....more

Hacking Travel

Originally posted on 1/30/13Been away from posting unintentionally, but with good reason. We took a wonderful weekend getaway trip to Istanbul, but despite best attempts and intentions our internet connectivity was weak and infrequent. But sometimes when you travel that's for the best--it causes you to be more present and focused on the experiences. At the same time it makes it nearly impossible to use all the wonderful online resources you've found to make your trip easier and more fulfilling, such as maps, public transportation guides, and brilliant tips from other traveling bloggers....more

My 20-Year Battle With Insomnia: I’m Ready to Fight Back

I am a terrible sleeper. I haven't always had trouble sleeping, but I can trace my nearly 20 year battle with insomnia to my years in graduate school. My grad program was a very challenging one, and most of it took place in my second language. The reading eluded me, and I don't think there was a single day when I could say I felt caught up. Add to that the fact that most of my courses were on Monday and Tuesday, and it meant that Sundays were incredibly anxiety-provoking. ...more
Hi Lisa.  I know this is an old blog, but I just found it and thought I'd throw out another easy ...more

Hacker Fail

Hmph. So far my experiments have failed. Or I have failed at doing my experiments. Or something like that! See, we’re moving today, and while I had good intentions and all that, I actually thought that trying some hacks would help me prepare. But it suddenly seemed like investing in making the muffin tin eggs was a really big deal and maybe not the best use of my time with 12 hours until the movers arrived....more
Ugh - what an un-fun night!  My husband drank ginger tea last night like you suggested and slept ...more

It's Time to Claim Control Over My Unruly Life!

Just as everyone is falling off the wagon of their new year's resolutions (and kudos to you for giving it a go!!), I've figured out that I desperately need some organization, direction, and structure in my life. Work is work--it's always a continuum between sorta fun and sorta difficult, but life is everything else that happens, and I'm having a hard time hacking it....more