Celebrating Zach's Birthday with Gluten Free French Apple Tart

Exactly a dozen years ago today, on a soupy-fluffernutter-foggy dawn we were driving south on Interstate 5 to the city of Angels to meet our first grandchild who was busy laboring his way into this world.  Each passing year has brought new surprises as he grows up.  There were the music years (still going strong) when he wanted to play bass fiddle like his dad and got a ½ sized cello so he could reach the top of the neck.  He was three.  Then there were the magical Lego years followed by a leap into food prep and cooking. ...more

Hi Grace! Great to see you, too. I like it here. I will check out your blog and bookmark. I ...more

58 Years of Smitten


Adieu 2010


The Alternative to Fruitcake: Little Drunken Fruit Cookies, Gluten Free

And you thought we were fin...more

Cookie Couture to the Rescue

It was nearing the end of the baking marathon.  I’d been anticipating making my all time favorite cookie, Snowflake Bakery-like butter cookies pressed into shapes and dipped in chocolate with holiday sprinkles.  Along with Half Moons, these were another favorite cookie when I was a little girl and Snowflake Bakery was my Mecca....more

Homemade Gluten Free Peppermint Holiday Oreos – Got Milk?

When we were small kids, the only chocolate sandwich cookie to grace our house was the trashier and cheap cousin of the Oreo called Hydrox.   If Wiki is to be believed (and we all know how that works) Hydrox was named for some itty bitty atomic elements.&nb...more

I always wondered why my mom always bought Hydrox aside from being less expensive...by the time ...more

A Hanukkah Miracle: Gluten Free Latkes

sombrero boy lights menorah on Hanukkah In December 1960, I unofficially borrowed the Ad Man’s best scissors for the event that would change my world.  I had been invited to share my first tree trimming duties at a neighbor’s house when I was five years old.  Having no idea what tree trimming meant, I wanted to be properly prepared with a sharp instrument just in case I had to actually cut the tree.  Turns out trimming meant something else entirely, and from that moment on I was completely sold on the all aspects of decorating a holiday tree, eating Christmas cookies, and sharing candy canes with both the tree and my pocket.   Hanging stockings was not only brilliant, but something I could easily do at home....more

A Very Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Holiday food memories are like a family photo album with scratch and sniff pages.   Ask anyone about their earliest Thanksgiving memories and chances are it is a combination of the Macy’s parade and the smell of yams with toasted marshmallows or pumpkin pie.  Then again, some of us might only remember Uncle Zeke’s shiny flask filled with something that added a certain charm to the boring punch bowl filled with preseason eggnog....more