Jillian Michaels' People respond to her affiliate program & hopefully her credentials

Hello Everyone, I wrote a post earlier this week about Jillian Michaels and her affiliate marketing program.  She gives commissions of 70 to 90% and I was appalled at what that meant for the quality of the products ... I got a response from the COO of the distribution company that Jillian works with last night and I've created a new post to discuss her credentials and her image as a fitness expert.  I'd love some comments about either post and what you think of celebrity endorsements for products that you hope to lose weight with.  ...more

Kids & TV, what's appropriate? Michelle Obama & your pediatrician have some ideas

Hi everybody,  I just wrote a post about kids watching TV after I started reading Michelle Obama's 70 point guidelines for reducing childhood obesity.  She is using the American Academy of Pediatricians' Guidelines.  They have several suggestions and I have a question for all of you ...  Did you ever discuss screen time with your pediatrician?  I haven't ...  Lisa  http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/how-much-screen-time-for-kids/  Lisa Johnson...more

TV Makes You Fat: An update with new facts and figures

I wrote a post about how TV makes you fat last June and I've updated it again with some new facts and figures.   The numbers are truly scary!  http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/tv-makes-you-fat-an-update/ Lisa Johnson http://lisajohnsonfitness.comhttp://www.ThinBy10.com  ...more

School Board of Huntington WV wants to Kill their Food Revolution!

I'm pretty upset by what I just found out.  The School Board for Cabell County (home of Huntington, WV and where Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was shot) interviewed all their School Board members today about continuing to implement the Food Revolution program.  Guess what?  Most of them were hemming and hawing and don't want to do it!  Please read my post and tweet or Facebook or whatever else to get it out there.   I'm pretty furious!   Thanks,  Lisa ...more

This is Why Your Fat: The Cheesecake Factory Edition ~ quite horrifying ...

I wrote this post after someone showed me a link.  It was appalling how much fat they layer into these dishes.  There truly is a science behind how "Big Food" gets us to each this stuff.  http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/this-is-why-youre-fat-cheesecake-facto... Lisa Johnson http://lisajohnsonfitness.comhttp://www.ThinBy10.com  ...more

New Blog Launched Today about Healthy Eating! From Omnivore to Vegan ...

Hello,  I launched a new blog today with a friend, Diane Mulholland in England!  Please take a look, it's about finding sensible food that's good to eat and good for the planet too.  http://truefoodmovement.com  Thanks :-)  Lisa Johnson http://lisajohnsonfitness.comhttp://truefoodmovement.com ...more

The 3 Worst Kinds of Fitness Pros

I've been talking a lot with fitness professionals on Twitter about what *makes* a fitness professional.  We see many examples on TV and most of us who work in the industry cringe at what they're doing with clients.  So I wrote this post to point out the cliches and the lack of education.  These are the people we turn to for advice and well, we shouldn't ...  http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/the-3-worst-kinds-of-fitness-pros/ ...more

My Christmas Fitness Wish List!

Lisa JohnsonMy latest blog post on my Christmas Fitness Wish List.  #1 this year is don't feel guilty about working out! ...more

Why the Fitness Industry Isn't in Love with the Biggest Loser

I own a Pilates studio which is located within a high-end health club.  All of the trainers and managers have gone through rigorous certifications, quite a few of us have degrees in our industry.  We take training seriously ... ...more

Maintaining Weight Loss, Three Things to Think About

Believe it or not losing weight is the easy part.  Here are my thoughts on the best ways to keep the weight off, three keys to success. Let me know your thoughts, Lisa   ...more