May is "Me" Month

I have noticed a pattern in my health and wellness cycles and wondered if you experience the same type of cycle. For me, this actually occurs in a similar variation, year after year.JANUARY is the month of recommitment to my health and wellness goals.FEBRUARY  I charge forward with full energy.MARCH I begin to see results but start feeling a bit strained....more

The Miracle of Acceptance

Weight loss has been an open application in my brain since I can remember. The idea of losing 15-20 pounds has been constantly running in the background of my life through every phase I can remember including middle school, high school, college, vacations, family events, weddings, dating, and even girls night out on the town....more

Moving... and moving on

 As I sit in my new home, staring out the window at leaves of many colors and knowing there is a cold chill in the air, a subtle feeling of warmth comes over me.  I am home.*I am at home amidst a thousand changes. I am home although I've only been here for 48 hours.  Amidst a new place, new culture, new roads, new businesses, & new can I feel so settled in when there are boxes everywhere and unpacking to do?...more

"Seek Only Internal Wealth"

If I could tattoo one phrase on my body, it would be "Seek only internal wealth."  A constant reminder every day that although our physical senses dominate, the more important and satisfying fulfillment in life will only come from inside out. (Not in reverse).  ...more

Breaking free to find me

2 careers later .... still miserable! How can this be? Did the world trick me as a child?  Was my dream of leading a happy fulfilling life and career a fallacy?  Or was it just me who was cheated out of everything she desired?To understand my dismay, I had to take a look at the life I had built and the beliefs in which I operated upon. I grew up believing that: Any job with a moderate salary and pension for retirement = the only safe way to live.If you're unhappy = Stay because you need that financial protection for retirement....more

How to make your Home Safe...

        Is it just me or is there is something creepy about being a female alone in a house at night?  Maybe it's because every horror movie I've ever seen involves some creep lurking outside in the backyard, prank calling a young babysitter, wearing a mask and peeping through the windows .... Or maybe its because I'm overexposed to the criminal element ......more

Gossip: and everything else that comes out of my mouth

I heard someone say today, "Before you open your mouth, ask yourself three questions:1. Is it true?2. Is it necessary?3. Is it kind?You mean, think before I speak?  Thats almost completely impossible for a girl born in New Jersey!  I can spew gossip out of my mouth almost all day long just to make the time pass. "Did you hear what so and so said about so and so?"  "Can you believe she did that?"  "What do you think is gonna happen with he/she/it them?" ...more