The Best And Worst "As Seen On TV" Items And Why They're Hilarious

I love infomercials.  I used to deny it but now I’m embracing it.  How better to waste an hour of your day than watching actors pretend to be frustrated with things that rarely cause frustration?...more
For a moment there I was kinda tempted by the Dump Cake, and then I remembered.  The local ...more

Should You Really Watch This ’50 Shades Of Grey Trailer?’

Everyone is all a titter about the many “50 Shades of Grey” trailers and teasers.  People are getting their panties in a wad, and then promptly throwing them on the floor.The trailers are intended to make us salivate for the new movie, but all some of them do do is remind us why we hate car commercials and bad song remakes....more

Why Do We Keep Up With The Kardashians?

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Freshhelen OMG!  "Kartrashians" is gold!  Fricking brilliant and so accurate.  I also love that ...more

My husband's other woman...not in the way you think

My husband is sleeping with someone else.  I’ve tried to deny it but I can’t do it anymore. I can no longer turn a blind eye to him sharing our bed with another.  The object of his affections?...more

A new year, John Hughes and husband manipulation

It's the new year, peeps!  That means it's time for resolutions.  It also means I write the wrong year on everything for at least the first 2 months....more

License plates that would definitely get you pulled over

I despise getting pulled over.  Granted, there’s a special feeling that comes with knowing whatever speeding ticket I get will just be taken care of later.  It’s one of thevery few perks of being a lawyer....more

Where is it? Let me check my uterus.

Things I wish they'd showcased at New York Fashion Week

I'm pretty much a style icon.  A fashion maven if you will.Fifty-something women all over the Midwest look to me for inspiration about what to wear...and then they don't wear it because they know I don't have the first clue about fashion (or low waisted pants.)...more