Deborah Lippmann Staccato - A Review

Well I am finally settled in my new home. I am renting and I might move again when I can afford to buy...but that is down the road. I have everything I need except some helmers for my polish. (I want white ones and they don't deliver those so I'll have to go to the Ikea store to get them. It's about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away.) I have some polish racks but I can't use screws on the ...more

Guest Post - Mandy Murphy

Hey everyone, I am so excited to be posting for Lisa today.  I am Mandy from Mandy's Polish and I got into polish and nail art about a year ago.  Now, when I say nail art, I mostly mean stamping,  I can do a little freehand, but I don't generally have the patience for it.  That being said, I have a stamping mani to share with you today. ...more

Guest Post - Arielle Thibodeaux

As a beauty blogger, who focuses on cosmetics, I was totally intimidated by nail art. I mean art, on your nails?! It wasn’t until last summer that I started actively creating nail art. What I have learned is that it’s totally doable ....more

Nail Challenge Collaborative - Pastels 4

I hope you enjoyed the guest posts this week! There are two more next week on the 29th (Monday) and 30th (Tuesday). Then, in May, I should be back in the swing of things. Although I'll probably be unpacking for awhile! I saved the best for last. You should really enjoy these last two guest posts! ...more

Guest Post - Tina Shirbroun

First of all Lisa, thanks for letting me guest post for you!  I have followed your blog since my early nail obsession days and I think it is beautiful. I have a mani today made with two beautiful polishes.  ...more

Guest Post - Michelle Chouinard

Hello!My name is Michelle and my normal home is a blog called Lacquer Or Leave Her! I'm very excited to be able to guest post for Lisa. I know her through a few nail groups we're both in, and she's always awesome in every way ....more

Guest Post - Laura Thomas

Hello everyone, I'm Laura from love guest posting so when Lisa said she was looking for someone I jumped straight at the opportunity. I wanted to show off today all of my favorite nail styles. I'm a girly girl, so anything pink and I am there ! I also really enjoy doing gradients and free hand patterns.If you like my post please check out my blog.And thank you again Lisa and best of luck with the move!! ...more

Nail Challenge Collaborative - Pastels 3

Hope you enjoyed the guest post I had for you on the 18th! I was really happy with it. Anne did a fabulous job!  There is more to come, so check back.Today I have pastel dots for you. Fiver from Butter London is such a pretty green, I had to find a way to use it in this month of pastels! So I combined it with the pink from that same collection and did some dots for you. ...more

Guest Post - Anne Sexton

Hello and welcome to my first guest post. I am a new, freshly manicured blogger named becacine. I am so honored to have a guest spot on Lisa's Nail Obsession. If you would like to see some of my posts, please feel free to go to:'s entry features Nerd Lacquer's Cyance Friction ....more

Sally Hansen Polish - A Review

On the 18th I leave for my new home. I am going to do things like get my heat, lights, and cable turned on and switch my bank account over to a new bank (they don't have my credit union in Utah). Then I am coming back to load the U-haul and take it to my new home and unload it. During this time busy time for me I have gotten some great guest posters for you guys. I also ...more