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Redecorating ? Shop in your own home!

Have you spent too many hours in your house lately ( maybe due to weather) ?  Maybe, like me, you realized you need to redecorate either one room or the whole house.  Whether you decide to do it yourself or employ professional help, remember to make your space reflect your or your family's identity.  Interior decorators can be a big help, but I always remind customers " you live in the house, so make it your own".After you get the furniture and wall colors decided on...and it's okay to keep what you have, then I like to use Christi Carter's plan for accessories....more

Preserve That Un-Framed Art

Working on cleaning out closets and under the bed and in that storage spot?  If you find prints or art work that you aren't sure you want to use , but are too nice or valuable to throw might want to consider preservation.  You might have them stashed away from the light and think you are protecting them, but the humidity here in the Ohio Valley does as much to discolor and ruin art as the light.  Even if your art is in the original sleeve from the artist, the mold and moisture can get in....more