How to Stop Over-thinking Your Life and Start Living It

I had only enough money to last two more weeks. And the lease on the tiny furnished apartment I had rented for a month was about to expire. So, basically, I had one week to find an apartment and a job. I was 23 years old, jobless, and about to be homeless in New York City....more

Manage Your Time More Effectively

My seminar attendees often lament, "There's just not enough time!" To the contrary, I always state, "You've got all the time there is." Time management doesn't mean packing your day like a moving van, ensuring every single square inch (or minute) of space is full. If you actually had more time, you'd just stuff it with more of the same: more appointments, more projects and more paperwork....more

Information on a Need-to-Know Basis

When you have made the final decision to sell your company, most business owners feel that sharing information with employees right away is a good and honest idea. But that is exactly the opposite of what you should do in this situation. While it’s noble that you want to be totally upfront with your employees, what real information do you have to share? By immediately sharing the fact you are going to sell the company, you are potentially setting yourself up for problems with employees, suppliers and customers. ...more

How to Network Successfully in a Male-Dominated Environment

How you can overcome this challenge....more

Mommies Need to Network Too!

Being a mom is one of the most amazing, life-changing and overwhelming experiences a woman can have. As you maneuver your way through the various stages of motherhood, networking may be the last thing on your mind. But networking is really just another way to talk about relationships. And strong relationships are even more critical during the thrilling and stressful days (and nights) of motherhood. These relationships most definitely include both professional associates and personal friends. ...more

Teamwork Never Fails, But Individuals Fail Teamwork

In the 2004 Summer Olympics, the Australian Women's Eight rowing team stood in fifth place, three seconds behind the leading Romanian crew team 500 meters from the finish line. When the Aussies were inside 400 meters, one of the eight women quit rowing. She dropped her oars and laid back, resting her head on the lap of the rower seated behind her.As a result, the Aussies finished dead last, 10 seconds behind the next closest finisher....more

Small Choices Can Make a Big Difference

On a recent plane flight, I actually had no one sitting in my row. I was thrilled. It’s often said that the little things mean so much. They sure do in selling.Come in and sit down. Where do you choose to sit? If you do have an option, the worst choice is opposite your customer when he’s sitting at his desk. That’s his power position — and you are automatically in a subordinate role. If you want to be perceived on an equal level, being in a subordinate role is a disadvantage....more

It Pays To Be Happy At Work

Productivity can be affected by numerous factors - but happiness? Read on in this article from Forbes Women on how your happiness can affect all aspects of your career....more

3 Questions to Determine Your Authenticity

"I know exactly who I am."  That was my immediate response.Your response is probably very similar … and you could not achieve success in any area of your life without a certain degree of self-awareness and self-confidence. In my own experience, my confidence was strong until the day I reflected more deeply on the question about who I am. Why? Because I sensed many professionals often exude a presence that just seems fake. Is their self-awareness and self-confidence based in fact or is it just a facade?...more

Use the Power of Assurance and Make Your Point

In real estate the three most important assets are location, location, location. In the final analysis the three most important assets to transform a professional woman's relationships in the workplace are assurance, assurance, and assurance.How to View It:...more