Kid Friendly Halloween Fireplace

My boys are not into “scary” Halloween themes–not yet anyway. ...more

Pow Wow Prints

This is Jenna and me giving Liz a big ol smoocher at our very first NSync concert in high school (I’m pretty sure we were 16 here–just babies). ...more

1st Annual Cousins Halloween Party: Part 2

See part one of our party here–for the full scoop on the decor. And now, for the behind the scenes scoop on our activities and food. Bubbie and Sawyer decorating with spiders before the party ....more

1st Annual Cousins Halloween Party: Part 1

This past weekend we celebrated our first annual Cousins Halloween Party for the kids who live in Cali. ...more

DIY Dollar Store Striped Cake Stand

Two of my favorite gals in all the world have come together to start a fab new blog called Elevate Everyday. ...more

What Autism Has Taught Me…So Far

It was a Tuesday morning....more

Gold Baby Shower

Lacey’s baby shower was so very special to me. ...more

You Never Know

This hit home–like in the goosebumps on my arms and tears on my cheeks kinda way. ...more

This Pup

Shirt c/o: Pow Wow Prints As I sit down to share this quick post, I’ve had to stop Maverick from chewing up the baseboard in the kitchen, the edge of my rug and the legs of my barstools. ...more

My Sunday Best With J.Jill

(be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a J.Jill $100 giveaway) I remember one day over the summer being particularly tough on me. ...more