DIY INSTAX Photo Holders

This has probably been our first summer that felt less like I was “babysitting” my boys and more like we were “adventuring”....more

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Whipped Strawberry Butter and Biscuits

Growing up, my grandma often...more

A Brighter View with Maui Jim

I’m sort of a cheap sunglasses junky. I can almost guarantee that if you go fishing through the bottom of any of my bags you’re bound to find an entire collection of $5 sunglasses floating around next to crumpled up receipts and gum wrappers. They’re usually scratched or have a loose screw. They are often too narrow for my head and they most certainly always make my nose sweat. Not to mention that I find myself actually taking them off when I’m driving because the glare makes it difficult for me to see clearly–pretty sure that defeats the purpose of sunglasses all together....more

Sunglasses Style: My favorite looks with Maui Jim

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Chocolate Berry Bark Recipe

Chocolate berry bark might be about the easiest dessert to whip up–and its a guaranteed crowd pleaser. ...more

3 Ways I’ve Committed to Self-Care

This right here sums up my boys in a single photo: They’re energetic, loud, rambunctious, curios (and of course, loving) little monkeys. They spend their days wrestling and climbing and jumping and swinging and building. They keep me on my toes ....more

Girl Scouts® Thin Mints® Cupcake Recipe

Little hope awaits the end of my grocery shopping experience once Girl Scout Cookie™ season has passed. But guess what?! I have the best news! The BEST news! No, I'm not pregnant. But this news is right up there on the excitement scale! Are you ready?? Okay, here it is: ep, that's right! You can get Girl Scout® inspired desserts that will remind you of your favorite cookies all year round with these new Pillsbury® Girl Scouts® Baking Mixes! ...more

Girl Scouts® Thin Mints® Cupcake Recipe

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San Diego Staycation with Embassy Suites by Hilton™

The boys, soaking up their very first ocean view. As much as we need structure, consistency and a schedule to operate at our very best as a family: all four of us get anxious for adventure. We are a family on the move ....more