Gift Ideas for Her

I did something fun with a few of my girlfriends today. ...more

Silhouette Black Friday Sale Coupon Code

It’s officially the MOST wonderful time of the year! YAY! I’m sitting here, Thanksgiving Eve, giddy with excitement to see my family tomorrow and eat a ton of yummy food ....more

My Make Over with Mary Kay

I'm the worst when it comes to makeup. Never having learned any formal technique and often overwhelmed by online tutorials, I've become complacent just getting by with basic skills. My recent obsession with lip stick, however, has left me wanting to learn more about fun ways makeup can give my style a boost....more

My Make Over with Mary Kay

Scroll down for an awesome giveaway! I’m the worst when it comes to makeup. ...more

My Style: Petunia Cake Cafe Carryall

This bag! This beautiful, beautiful bag! The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall from the Cake Collection ....more

The Stepdad

Get out there and hit a home run today! He flashes me a big smile–an obvious sparkle of sincerity can be seen in his eyes. It’s a figure of speech I have grown to dread ....more

Sunday Inspiration: Something Divine

A little bit of Sunday inspiration from a gal whose faith and courage inspire me daily. I feel like this is going to be my new rut song–the song I blast on a drive with the windows down any time I’m feeling in need of a pick me up. Thanks Brooke! ...more

Dressing for the Season with J.Jill

(be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a...more

Dressing for the Season with J.Jill

Fall is hands down my absolute favorite season of all. There's so much nostalgia and fond memories that come along with this time of year. The way the air smells--so crisp and cool!--reminds me of my high school soccer days and our late night practice sessions. The sound of football on television in the morning reminds me of my mom's weekend tradition of homemade fried chicken and ranch dressing while we watched the Jets....more

DIY Yarn Wall Art

So what I have really wanted to do is learn how to create those beautiful wall art weavings that we see going around on Pinterest and Instagram. ...more