St. Patrick's Day "Blues"

Be it known that though my last name is McCafferty, I am a St. Patrick day grouch! In my defense, I am not really Irish ....more

Dear June

Dear Aunt June was completely overcome with emotion when the room burst into the "Happy Birthday" chorus. ...more


Eric had his birthday party at Classic Skating. It was three, chaotic hours of sweaty fun....for the kids! ...more

Eric is Double Digits

Every year my children defy me. ...more


There are a few lucky people who adapt to change in an energetic, positive way. ...more

Goodbye Uncle Jess

Last month my extended family said goodbye to my mom's older brother, Jess.I imagine the reunion on the other side was glorious! ...more


I haven't written for weeks. ...more

Home School

Like all you mothers out there, my kids are everything to me. ...more

Empty Ground and a Brick

A few days before Christmas my sister, Julie, called to tell that she drove past Dad's house and it wasn't there anymore. ...more

I Will...

"Insanity: ...more