Discovery Gateway Children's Museum-NO More

There are certain activities we do every year when Jordan comes to Utah; the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is one of these activitives. ...more

Visiting Mom and Grandma

When Jordan spends time with her mom and grandma, her visits are much different than other girls her age. Jordan's mom does not give her make-up tips; they have no mommy daughter dates....more

Digging The Dinosaurs

One of the venues on the city pass I purchased for Jordan's vacation was the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. It's strange, but I find these giant beasts relaxing, especially the recording of the dinosaurs as they roar through the building....more

Ice Blocking

When I was a child, my mom's side of the family had summer holiday picnics at a wonderful park in Provo, Utah....more

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Jordan!

For the last two years, Jordan has chosen to spend her birthday in Utah. ...more

Clark Planetarium Is Out of This World

This picture makes me giggle....more

Snowbird Tram

One of the things I love the most about Jordan's visits is how she blends in with the family....more

FantasyCon Part 2

I took these three, plus one to FantasyCon last week....more

FantasyCon Part 1

A few months ago, I had the bright idea to volunteer at the first FantasyCon held in Salt Lake City. I volunteered because the reward for service rendered was free tickets....more

Rain Gutter Regatta

Eric participated in his first cub scout rain gutter regatta....more