Ten Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Ten Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas This year on my mother’s side of the family, we’re doing homemade gifts for Christmas. Since I’m not the most crafty person I did some brainstorming and came up with a few good ideas that anyone can do!...more
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Kids Book Review & Giveaway - Mother Goose Remembers by Clare Beaten

Book Review & Giveaway – Mother Goose Remembers by Clare Beaton ...more

Toilet Training 101

Toilet Training 101 The approach we are taking with potty training is pretty slack. We purchased a potty (Which is the dumbest word) a couple of months ago, and she peed 2 drops in it once. Sometimes, we would try to get her to sit on the potty before her baths, but she never really wanted anything to do with it. I did not want to make a huge deal of it since she was still pretty young and we had plenty of time....more

Chicken Parmesan with Pasta. Get out your Carb Lovin’ Sweatpants Again.

Chicken Parmesan with Pasta. Get out your Carb Lovin’ Sweatpants Again. This is probably the most complex recipes I have attempted thus far. A few years ago my mother compiled a family recipe book for all the girls in the family. (I know, she is totally sexist!)...more

Easy Cheddar and Bacon Biscuits. Also, I Love Sweatpants.

The four people who actually read my blog may be thinking "Since when did this turn into a Food Blog?" Good question, although I don't have an answer, but it sure seems as though it has turned into a food blog, eh? Suck it up....more

I just ate one for lunch, with a fried egg and cheese slice in between. I was in cheese heaven!!more

More Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas.

More Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas. Money is tight, Grandma already owns these, and you haven’t found any other homemade Christmas gift ideas you’ve liked. Try these: * Give someone some Snowman Poop, or the ingredients for Snowman Soup. (Several snowmen were harmed in the typing of this blog post) * Homemade mittens. (Cut tube sock, Done. If you’re really fancy, you could knit or sew or weld these) * Custom toilet paper for Grandpa/Grandpa, from Your Child The Artist. Give the kid a roll of TP, some markers, and VOILA. * Homemade Play Dough....more

Pork Cops With Mustard Sauce.

Pork Chops With Mustard Sauce  ...more

Working On My Fitness

Working On My Fitness. It’s working! Going to the gym is working! Last night I wore a tank top to the gym and as I was going through my arms workout I was seeing MUSCLES in the mirror. Muscles! And the jiggly arm is on its way out! Well, hopefully. Although I am sure a little jiggle is going to remain. A little jiggle is alright. Earth quakes as I wave to someone are not....more

Tomato & Feta Chicken

Tomato & Feta Chicken So tonight for supper I made Tomato and Feta stuffed chicken thighs, along with some scalloped potatoes from a box that I made from scratch, and buns with homemade garlic butter. OMGGGGGG.  And everything is ready and keeping warm on the stove/in the oven and I’m STARVING and just waiting for Dustin and our buddy to come home so we can all eat....more

Meow. I Love Christmas.

Meow. I love Christmas. Okay, I want to put up my Christmas tree. How early is too early? Obviously March is too early. July doesn’t work because that’s MY birthday month. I figure mid November is fair game. It’s cold, there’s snow on the ground, and lights, snowmen and holiday music make the dark, cold winter even more awesome. I’ve already wrapped a few gifts and been painting Christmas tree ornaments for a couple of weeks. And why is it that Crayola kids paint smells like your grandfather’s OVERWHELMING cologne?...more