Free scripture printables. {bible journaling prompts, etc}.

It's been a while since I posted some of these!...more

weekend project {doily throw blanket}

A few weeks ago I left a friends house with a pile of her grandma's doilies and the knowledge that my friend was not a tablecloth fan {which was my first idea for this pile of lovelies}....more

Could you forgive this?


hohos lately!

It's been a while since I've posted some of the hohos that have passed through my machine here you go! :) It's been a fun summer and I'm trying to get into the Fall mode with school starting up and a new routine around the corner!...more

Blueberry French Toast! {yummy make ahead dish!}

This is a great recipe for making ahead of time for church or bible studies or anything where you would want to be able to make ahead a pop it in the oven....more

Super Simple Pasta Salad

This is a long time favorite recipe of mine....more

breakfast enchiladas! {perfect for "breakfast for dinner"}

This meal was a winner! Tasty and filling! The perfect "breakfast for dinner" sort of thing and it comes together easily with common, simple ingredients....more

blueberries and cream bake! {delish and easy!}

I made this recently to take to a friend who just had a baby and I LOVED it! So much that I had to write it down here to make sure I could find it again....more

super yummy and delish egg cups {glamorous egg salad}

These egg cups are great to make the night before, in fact, I think some time in the fridge makes them even better!...more