Know when to protest, and why


It sounds to me like, as a teenager, you cared nothing for the issues that drove people to ...more

Enjoying the view, without the kids


Yes, it was fantastic! I have never gone away from the kids like that for the sole purpose of ...more

Scars from divorce don't last forever

Scars aren't forever The indent on my ring finger is gone. The colour looks the same from the tip of it right down to the back of my hand. A legacy of pain and anguish has been erased. Almost. I noticed this when driving between the elementary school and the middle school, to pick up the kids. And I've felt better ever since. ...more

My rapture-filled weekend, and a sundog to boot

Every now and then we get a little glimpse at a simpler life. This weekend was entirely made up of moments like that. I was just about to pack up my bags on Friday at the office, jump on the bus and head home. But the phone rang and the BF said he had picked up the boys from my mom and would be out to get me shortly. Fantastic. He's picked me up alone before, and met me for dinner. He's even sat through the tedium of local council meetings with me, just because. But on Friday, he brought the boys....more

Make money as a writer? Heck ya!

The very minute I could read I felt empowered.(It's one of those moments in time you can never forget. Today, I feel like getting it down because you just never know when it will be too late.)So, I was sitting on my knees, in a dimly lit early '80s living room, couch behind, book spread out in front of me on our coffee table. There was a friend beside, and I'm not sure if it was Christy or someone else, but she pointed to the swirly things on the page and they connected for me.The E sounded one way, then another. The S's were pretty and made sense....more

Uhh...what's a gluten? - advice for those new to GF living

My son walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago and asked "mmm whatcha cooking mom?""A batch of gluten free brownies," I answered. And there it was. The most loaded phrase that could come out of my mouth....more

Some trees just die

So, we're bumbling along Yale Road yesterday, me being chauffeured to work by the wonderful man in my life. We chit chatted all the way, and the topic of my old house came up right when we were driving by my old neighbourhood. So, in we go. The snow had just fallen, dusting the cedar lined, closed in street with a healthy coat of white. People were walking, shoveling, looking out their windows. Not much had changed since my last cruise through. And then, we got to my old house. The first house I ever owned — with my ex-husband. There was the fence I stained....more

A satellite map of my son's heart

My youngest child's chubby little fingers trace over the page. There's dirt under his nails, from playing baseball all evening, along with some unidentified crud, probably left over from a dinner at his friend's house. It's disgustingly beautiful....more