No Rainbows. No Butterflies. Reality of a Failed Adoption.

We were very busy in the month of May and June preparing for a little bundle of joy. A baby girl that we spent six months waiting for. A successful quick placement with a birthmother who picked us to be parents of her unborn child. A girl. I wanted a girl so badly, our whole family has boys. This was meant to be....more
Heyyyyyy passive aggressive. Grow up.  Once you've done that, then perhaps consider parenting a ...more

The Journey of Adoption Begins Now!

So, this is kind of exciting because I am gonna take advantage of there are still some of my local friends who don't know what a blog is, so I am not sure exaaaaccccccccctttttttttllly locally will read this, but guess what you all! We have started our adoption journey and baby its rolling along! All puns intended. ...more

The Rudeness of People-Infertility Edition

I guess I should say, I don't know if I am actually I have unexplained infertility...this is actually a medical term, if you can believe....more
People really can be ridiculous, can't they? I actually had to write a whole post all about what ...more

Ten Things To Not Say To Someone Undergoing Infertility Treatments

Seriously, I swear the fertility Gods have to be boys....more

Fertility is No Joke

I have been struggling lately and sadly for you, you have to hear about it. Just like every breakup that I have ever had, I have penned quite the letter to send them away...the boy and the feelings of anger, hurt, etc.. I never sent it, and sometimes I would keep it just to remind myself, in ten months is this gonna matter? Raw emotion that make you a little psycho but it gives you a clean slate to move on. ...more

The Need to Be Validated

I was watching the Today Show this morning (how many blogs can I start THAT statement off with, really) and they were reporting that Oprah spoke at the commencement ceremony at Harvard. The teaser was this: Listen to what Oprah has said to be the single most important lesson she has learned in her twenty five years in television. When Matt mentioned Oprah's piece of wisdom I almost dropped coffee....more

How Nora Ephron Shaped My 20 and 30's

As I am in my mid late thirties, its is starting to get quite apparent the reason why I am feeling instant immense sadness when I hear of certain movie star passings. Gone are the days where I was like, yikes...sad, but, he was old wasn't he?? It is now become a time when the people that I have grown to respect or admire are slowly leaving this world....more

Facebook Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

You have your personal account on Facebook, you have found every high school friend you ever knew (or never wanted to see again)....more