Loving Through Loss: Day 8

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT photo taken by Sam Grable More than anything, this is what I longed for. Even when I was searching for stories where people were on the other side of loss to help me get through another day, I was most looking for people to explain how heart-breaking this was for them. When people would call loss what it actually is (sad, devastating, terrible, etc.), I felt an emotional support I longed for, whether they had experienced the same type of loss or not ....more

Loving Through Loss: Day 7

RESOURCES photo taken by Sam Grable Today's resource can be benefited by everyone. Back in March of 2013, just three months after losing Charlotte, I was feeling completely alone. Family & friends were trying to comfort us, but I just wasn't feeling like anyone really understood what we were going through ....more

Loving Through Loss: Day 6

GRACE photo taken by Sam Grable To be honest, this was an area I have struggled with from the beginning. But the more I thought about how I would want to be treated, the more I realized how important it is to have more grace for those who say (or will say) silly things. Let it be said: most people will not know how to react when you talk about your loss ....more

Loving Through Loss: Day 5

TANGIBLE SUPPORT photo taken by Sam Grable For most people, asking for help is hard. And when you're already in a vulnerable state, it feels even more difficult. One of the first, and probably easiest, ways people offered to help us after we said goodbye to Charlotte was through meals, just as most do when someone brings a baby home.My one difference? ...more

Loving Through Loss: Day 4

SCRIPTURE photo taken by Sam Grable But now the Lord who created you, O...more

Loving Through Loss: Day 3

ENCOURAGEMENT photo taken by Sam Grable After we said goodbye to Charlotte, she was all I could think about. Everything reminded me of her. And for a long time, my world revolved around our loss and our feelings, mostly because I couldn't imagine anything worse ....more

Loving Through Loss: Day 2

Now that I've covered my heart behind why I chose this topic, I thought it might be nice to outline what the month will look like, as well as have a place for all the posts to be linked back to for future reference.First, let me preface by saying I love organization. Even in the past when I have written here, I have found myself sticking to specific posts on certain days. So when I began thinking about Write 31 Days, I wasn't surprised when I started thinking in seven categories (one for each day of the week).Starting tomorrow, Saturday, I plan on sticking to the following schedule: Saturday // encouragementSunday // scriptureMonday // tangible supportTuesday // graceWednesday // resourcesThursday // emotional supportFriday // blog shares Some of the topics I will be sharing could go in a couple categories, but I tried to choose the category that I felt it fit best in ....more

Loving Through Loss: Day 1

A little over three years ago, our lives changed in an instant.As first time parents, going in for our 20-week ultrasound, we were over the moon with anticipation to see our child for the first time. But within 24 hours, we were no longer just thinking "we're having a girl!" and instead were faced with decisions that no parent should ever have to make.In short: our daughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed with a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia and was not expected to live through birth. For more of her story, you can read about Charlotte's life ....more

Stitch Fix (Lucky) #15

Market & Spruce Girona Eyelet Detail Top detail This fix was magical!For two years now, I've been receiving curated boxes from Stitch Fix and this one was the first that I ended up keeping ALL! FIVE! ITEMS! ...more

Review: How To Raise An Adult

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content...more