Dear Calvin // Eleven Months

Dear Calvin,I know I sound like a broken record, but the months are flying by --- and in less than 25 days, you will be ONE year old! Crazy how that happens, right?But first, let's focus on this month...We started things off with our trip to the coast where you not only got to feel sand between your toes, but you also took your first swim in a pool. And upon returning home, we enrolled you in your first swim lesson, which was fun for both of us!You also got your first real fever this month ....more

Stitch Fix #13

With a dozen Stitch Fixes under my belt, I can still say with confidence that I LOVE this service! Sure, I only keep 1-2 items from each of my boxes, but that's a win in by book. Especially when the item isn't one I would have picked up in the store ....more

Peek-a-whoo Monogrammed Jellycat Bunnies {with discount code!}

*While I have been chosen as one of Peek-a-whoo's Brand Ambassadors, all thoughts are my own* After saying goodbye to Charlotte just before Christmas in 2012, the holidays became something I dreaded. When I should have been excited because we'd be celebrating another "first", I longed for just another normal day.But when we scheduled Calvin's birthday (thanks to a repeat c-section) and it fell a few days before Easter, I felt a little redemption. And because we missed out on all of Charlotte's first holidays, I made sure Calvin's very first holiday was done right.Enter: Peek-a-whoo's monogrammed Jellycat bunnies! ...more

March Goals [with Grace]

photo by Sam Grable Photo Even though February was a shorter month, it was the first one in a while that I haven't been shocked with how fast it flew by. As much as I love crossing things off of lists, it was nice to focus my monthly goals on self-care rather than my always growing to-do list....more

Grable Getaway: Oregon Coast

Back in January, Sam proposed heading to the coast for a few days to relax & discuss our plans for the upcoming year. As someone who loves to travel (near or far), I was immediately on board! The thought of getting away with my boys without the distraction of regular life was very appealing.Fast forward to last week.Prior to our trip, I prepared my heart and body for cold winter weather by packing rain jackets & scarves, but those items remained in our bags as we soaked up some (rare) February sun ....more

Dear Calvin // Ten Months

Dear Calvin,What a fun month!...more

What's In My Bag?

I don't know about you, but my diaper bag is a workhorse.I just keep stuffing things in until it seems like it's going to burst, but yet there is always one more little area to cram something into....more

February Goals [with Grace]

One month into 2015 and I'm already tired. Partly due to Calvin's latest sleep regression, but also because of my own doing.When January arrived, instead of treating it as a fresh start, I just carried on some of my (failed) goals from the past several months and kept working. But that's just it --- whatever I was or wasn't doing, was not working for me and ultimately left me discouraged month after month.So for February, I've decided to step back from my usual goals & focus more on some self-care.. ....more

Dear Calvin // Nine Months

Dear Calvin,Seriously, where are the months going? This month feels particularly special because I carried you for nine months and now you have been with us on the outside for the same amount of time. Not to mention it's now 2015, which means your first birthday is just a few months away.. ....more

A (belated) Christmas Recap

Yes, this is a couple weeks late, but in our defense, we didn't have our last Christmas celebration until New Years Day (which I didn't get any pictures of...)....more