#InfluenceConf 2014 linkup

Last September, I remember how nervous, yet anxious I was about going to the Influence Conference. The fact that I was flying across the country and rooming with two women I'd never met was a pretty big deal, but all my worries vanished the minute I checked in to the conference. Even as a an introvert, I found myself meeting new faces & introducing myself to bloggers I had been following for years because we all had one thing in common - making our online (and offline) life mean something.This year, my nerves have been replaced with excitement ....more

September Goals

Here we go again --- another month passed and a new one beginning. Each time I share my goals, I am forced to be accountable whether I complete any of them or not. Thankfully, I also feel a sense of freedom + grace which is much appreciated in my current season of life.(warning: please prepare to give me a lot of grace for last month's goals...)August Recap:1 ....more

Dear Calvin // Four Months

Dear Calvin,You are no longer a newborn, which is both sad & exciting for this mama....more

Stitch Fix number 9

When asked what I wanted for my birthday (last month), I knew there was one thing I could ask for that would be just for me... Stitch Fix gift cards!...more

August Goals

This summer is flying by! I shouldn't be surprised (we've only had one of two weekends at home) and yet here I am, wondering how it's already August.July was rough when it came to my goals. We were busy with life and the transition to motherhood isn't as easy as I once thought....more


Honestly, I never thought I'd find community online. When I signed up for Twitter and started blogging, it was more for entertainment. I simply read blog after blog, without commenting, just so I wouldn't be labeled a stalker (funny, I know) ....more

The Baby Companion: A Review and Giveaway!

When I was pregnant, I can't tell you how many books and websites I searched hoping to find the answers to all my questions regarding what to expect after my child was born....more

Dear Calvin // Three Months

Dear Calvin,How are you already three months old? I find myself wishing away these first few months because of the fun memories we have ahead of us, but then again, this time is special too....more

#StitchFix number 8

When I received my Stitch Fix last month, I knew I would be most likely be spending my days with Calvin indefinitely, so I had requested mom-friendly pieces that would make me look polished, yet still practical for this new season in my life. And while this fix wasn't a complete home run, it did help me understand where my style is going, which is a win in my book.I apologize for the iPhone-photos-in-the-mirror, but my husband & baby were sleeping in the other room and I didn't want to bother them to help take better pictures. Lombard Tile Print Mix Material Blouse by Pomelo Siva Cotton Utility Jacket by Sanctuary + Lauri Ankle Length Distressed Boyfriend Jean by Just Black Hadley Embroidery Detail Roll-Tab Tunic by Subtle Luxury + Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank by Le Sample Over the last year, I've found the following tips to be helpful when requesting my next fix:1 ....more

Parenting Super Powers

Since becoming a mom, my priorities have shifted quite a bit. Instead of thinking of my own needs first, I now spend my time caring for my baby and keeping him alive day in & day out. To some, this might seem easy, but I find myself tapping into my "supermom" powers to get me through the day.Multi-tasking ....more