Funfetti Cakes, with not much fetti!

Funfetti cakes are the bane of my life. No matter how many sprinkles I put in the batter they will all disappear! Where do they go? ...more

Chocolate Box: Chocolate covered honeycomb.

Here's another recipe for you. Christmas is creeping up pretty quickly and the thing I'm looking forward to the most is having 3 days off spent with my lovely family. Working in retail at Christmas is tough and you cherish everyday off you get ....more

DIY: Make Your Own Rustic Holly Wreath.

Before I even start this post I'm going to make this clear now. You will need gloves. Holly is a prickly bugger and you will curse it without gloves, trust me on this one ....more

Chocolate Box: Strawberry Cremes

Another recipe for your chocolate box...more

Candy Cane Hearts.

Sunday we put our decorations up. I know most people have had theirs up for a while but growing up we would always put them up around now and I've carried on that tradition. We've not gone for the traditional Christmas look though ....more

Chocolate box: Coconut ice.

So this year my sister in law and I decided that instead of creating a hamper like we usually do, we would create a chocolate box full of sweets. We are planning a big get together on Boxing day and instead of giving a box to everyone or each couple we are just going to have them out on the table and people can just help themselves. It's something a little different but fun and easy to make ....more

Bury Christmas Market.

Yesterday we set out bright and early to head to the Bury Christmas Market. We visited Bury in the summer on our night away and we were always planning to come back for the Christmas Market. The Mr's Sister and Mum have been many times before and told us how good it was and I love anything "Christmasy" especially if it means I can take some pretty pictures ....more

Winter Make Up Colours.

I do love Winter (sometimes, when it's not grey and miserable!). But what I do love alongside hot chocolate and cosy nights is the beautiful winter make up colours. Berry tones and being able to get away with a few shades darker ....more

The Great British Butcher Review & Recipe.

All Natural Rubs and Crumbs Set - The Great British Butcher £18.60 I have never seen packaging on a gift that has been as perfect for me as this. Brown kraft paper, beautiful print, cute tins and a even a printed tea towel. What more could I ask? ...more

Christmas gifts: Healthy(er) Oat Bars

It's another rainy day and I'm really struggling without the sunshine right now. Not only does it make me grumpy and feel like I should spend all day in bed but it also means I have to make and photograph things before 2pm because then I have no chance of using natural light and the orange glow that comes from turning the light on is not something I want in my photos. I'm usually a winter person but this year I'm craving the summer again ....more