[Easter] Mini Egg Shortbread.

I can't take any credit for these amazing biscuits other than when my sister in law asked if you could make mini egg shortbread I said hell yeah! That evening she experimented and oh my word. These are so good ....more

Easy Frozen Berry Smoothie.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen our happy news and the reason for my online absence. We are expecting a baby and September can't come quick enough! I can't even begin to explain how happy we are....more

It's oh so quiet...

Things have been rather quiet on here recently. Where has time gone? It seems these last few weeks have flown by and it feels like I've not had a moment to stop let alone blog ....more

Frosted Doughnuts.

It's been a while since I've baked doughnuts and normally when I bake them I cover them with copious amounts of cinnamon sugar. But this time I decided to frost them and cover them with as many sprinkles I could find. And to be honest I was rather impressed with them and they are super easy to make too as long as you have a couple of hour to spare ....more

Chocolate Trifle!

Last week marked 3 years of this blog. Can you believe it? I really love my little space on the internet and my blog has really grown since then ....more

Chocolate & Vanilla Mini Cakes.

It's been a while since I've baked anything. It's probably down to the fact that my hand mixer broke and making buttercream or any cake batter in fact becomes ten times harder so a new mixer is on my list of things to buy. I've wanted to make these little cakes for a while and as I had a spare afternoon yesterday I thought I'd make the most of it!...more

A Cold Sunday.

[Jumper - Gift, Scarf - New Look, Earrings - New Look] This winter seems so much colder. That's such a granny thing to start with weather, but it always seems to be my go to. I've definitely felt the need for extra layers and my vast collection of scarves are coming in very handy as of late....more

Chocolate chip and orange shortbread.

There are cold winter days when all you need is shortbread and a decent cup of tea. Yesterday was one of those days. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day but it was so cold and the ice on the path and my heeled boots were not the best combination ....more

Sunlight and plaid.

[Jumper - Charity Shop, Skirt - Charity Shop, Necklace - Roam Jewellery] It's that time of year when the sunlight in the garden is just beautiful. It washes all my photographs with light and sun flares. I do love a cold but sunny Winters day, it makes me want to go on walks and then I realise that I would much rather stay in the warm ....more

Goodbye 2014.

It's the day of the year where everybody, those who blog and those who don't, round up there year. It's an odd thing to do but at the end of the year it seems fitting to reflect on the year that has passed. I'm not one of those people who looked forward to the new year with a heart full of hope, not because I'm some cynical person who hates the world (although we all have those days, don't we) but because I believe that everyday should hold that hope for you ....more