The answer to the Million Dollar Question….

I need new sheets ....more

Looking through a Foggy Lens

I’ve had these weird conversations with people lately.  You know the ones… Where they a ...more

When Your Mom is Depressed, What do your Kids Think?

Today, I showered.  I got dressed and I brushed my hair.  It doesn’t seem like this big thing… but – lately, it is.   ...more

Ride that Horse–Again….

Sometimes, the days are long. Sometimes… it seems things just get knocked around.       Last week, I went to get tested for mono, had the worst photo shoot ever, busted my face, nursed a house full of sick people, and realized we were broke again. haha (that is not a realization, it is a reality).     Sometimes, the days are long.         You need to get back up. On the preverbal or the ...more

Ride that Horse–Again….

Sometimes, the days are long ....more


I’m going to write… because writing feels good. I don’t worry as much. (this better not be like cleaning off my desk) ....more

I’m New Here….

I’ve been working my rear end off. I’m taking pictures ....more

The parts left Hidden

I got glasses. Nevermind. That is like a bad pickup line. ...more

Back… Sort of

How to kill a blog in a month. Don’t write. It is easy… I just showed you. I went from about 20,000 readers a month to zero. And, it is ok.  I may never get back to 20,000… because I don’t have the time to be blogger crazy right now.   The truth, my reader friends, my life has taken over my writing. And that is ok. But… I have started to write posts in the shower again ...more

She’s Almost Done…

She’s almost done. She can’t wait. Her dreams are exploding…. Like stars  ….. screaming “take me”…. Pluck me from the from the sky. Ride this wave Ride the this high Into the sunset…. That is her future. She’s almost done. (Poem… by me.) ...more