Never Forget: Where were you?

Thirteen years ago this morning, I was sitting at a low table, in a tiny chair, in a Kindergarten classroom. Tiny, adorable 5-year olds sat around me, "writing" in their journals. I was three weeks into my Student Teaching placement in a quiet town near my University ....more

A Big Girl Bed

So....this happened today... We didn't mean for this little peanut to grow up over night. ...but laying in Max's bed together last night, reading books before bed, Molly announced that she was ready for her own Big Girl Bed. We had everything we needed...the bed, the, really, there was no excuse.We took apart the crib.For the last time.It will leave our house ....more

Save the Children

Since becoming a mom seven-and-a-half years ago, there have been two times in which the severity of my child's illness scared me to the core. Just two, but those two moments are seared into the fear center of my brain and onto my heart for life.The first time was when my first child, then ten months old, suffered from an anaphylactic allergic reaction to a food I had given to him. He broke out in hives, started vomiting profusely, and became lethargic ....more

And Now, Your Moment of Zen

"Okay, Molly! Let's go and put on your yoga clothes!" I said this morning, instantly regretting it.We had been looking forward to Mommy and Me yoga for days. Weeks, even! ...more

Deep Thoughts

These kids of mine.... "You know what just blows my mind?" Evan asked me as we crossed the parking lot. I couldn't wait to find out ....more

Happy? We can do happy.

By around the middle of August, I had reached the conclusion that my kids were just never going to be happy ever again. They were grumpy, whiny, ungrateful, and bicker-y. But mostly, they didn't seem to want to be around each other ....more


This is the third (and final) time I'll say this, but here goes:You guys: I LOVE two-and-a-half years old. Can you blame me? It's the blossoming independence coupled with the naptime snuggles.It's the "I want to be so brave," but taking baby steps to get there ....more

DIY: How To Build a Playhouse

About six and a half months ago, Sam dropped the bomb: "I'm going to build a playhouse." I was excited...for the kids...and for Sam to have a project.... but a playhouse? Um ....more

Make Better Choices

As a Mom to three little, developing people, I sometimes find my role to be overwhelming. There is so much for me to teach my children so they grow to be responsible, respectful, caring, and Good people in this world. Because they have so much to learn and I have so much to say, there are days in which I feel like all I do is talk ....more

The Real Reason I Let My Son Wear a Dress

It happened again this week. In chatting with a friend, I found out that a mutual acquaintance, who had recently learned of Max's affinity for dresses, called Sam and I "such good parents" and said that Max is "so lucky to have parents" like us. Because we let him wear dresses ....more