Say "No" to Homework? Don't be a jerk.

There's a blog post swirling around (again) that has me shaking my head (again). It's a couple years old but was recently re-posted by a local preschool and, subsequently, a couple of moms in the neighborhood. It's called Why We Say "NO" To Homework and you can find it here.It the article, the mom states that she cares about her kids' learning...and that's why she chooses tree forts over homework.She goes on to say that, after a long day in school, the last thing her kids need is more sitting and worksheet-completing ....more

all I want for Christmas...

Rejoice! It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's holiday catalog season! ...more

A Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!

Saturday morning started early, as birthdays often do. At 2am, Max tiptoed into my room. His face inches from mine, he whisper-yelled, "It's Saturday! ...more

Max is Five!

From the moment he was born, I had a feeling this boy was going to chart his own course through this world...just as he did his entry into it. My favorite just-born baby picture of all time. He's all, What the hell was THAT about?" In the five years since the whirlwind that was his birth, Max has begun to pave that way and, though this road may be one less-traveled, it is beautiful ....more

Legos, Money Management, and Delayed Gratification

Evan is a Lego nut. Well, a Lego seed, know...nut allergy. Anyway, he's obsessed ....more

making a scene

Oh, our Maxwell. He's full of ideas. Most of his ideas are big and loud and messy and full of creativity ....more

that time I cried over a towel

Tonight I cried over a beach towel. I mean, I didn't really cry about the towel...but yeah, I cried about the towel.Let me back up.A few weeks ago we had a basement flood. It was minor and contained to our unfinished storage room, but it was a flood of the Roto-Rooter variety, if you know what I mean ....more

a random act

It's been a heavy couple of weeks. I have friends who are hurting. My city is hurting ....more

How much do you know about Mesothelioma?

A few weeks ago, over a series of emails, I met...more

Never Forget: Where were you?

Thirteen years ago this morning, I was sitting at a low table, in a tiny chair, in a Kindergarten classroom. Tiny, adorable 5-year olds sat around me, "writing" in their journals. I was three weeks into my Student Teaching placement in a quiet town near my University ....more