Divided Up

"Hey, guys, look! It's the cross-country team!" I pointed out the window as we drove into our neighborhood. The high school team trains and competes on the running trails that weave throughout our neighborhood ....more

A Halloween Birthday!

I love Halloween. As far as holidays go, it's up there with my favorites. I love this time of year, I love the decorations, I love the costumes, and I love that it's quick and easy and relatively inexpensive ....more

OMG!!! Max is 7!

OMG, it's finally here! Birthday Day!...more

Ask and You Shall Receive

Two years ago, I spent the month of October painstakingly hand-stitching individual feathers onto Molly's Baby Owl costume. It was a labor of love: the end result was one of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time. Last year, Molly wore the Baby Tiger costume I had made for Max several years before ....more

A Tale of Two Brothers, Through Music

"Mommy!" Max interrupted himself. We were in the middle of breakfast last week and he had been telling us about...honestly? I'm not sure ....more

Goodbye, Home Sweet Home

After 38 years, my parents have decided to sell their house. The home to which I, and six of my seven brothers and sisters, were brought home from the hospital. The home in which we all learned to walk and read and throw a baseball and ride a bike ....more

In Honor of National Trail Mix Day...

Ten years ago, if you had told me how much of my mental and physical activity would be devoted to thinking about, planning for, shopping for, preparing, serving, cleaning up after, and worrying about food, I wouldn't have believed you. But ten years and three kids later, food is a huge part of my daily life and not because I'm some foodie who is always on the hunt for some fabulous new recipe.Nope. Not even close ....more

the last skirt he ever wore

The call came moments after we had tucked the kids into bed on a busy school night last spring. It was Max's kindergarten teacher and she was calling to let us know of an "incident" that had occurred in the moments before school began that morning.The kindergartners who had been dropped off at the car drop-off loop were lined up against the cafeteria wall, as they were every morning at that time. As usual, the little ones talked and giggled together as more friends joined the line, their busy little bodies kept in check by the watchful eyes of a few Assistant Teachers who monitored the growing crowd ....more

from the mouths of babes

Hey, strangers! Guess who doesn't have time to write anymore now that the kids are home for summer! All these words swirling around my head, hoping to come out, and I just can't find the time ....more

The Answer was Molly

At bedtime few weeks ago, we reached Level: Desperation. Max's pre-bedtime anxiety had hit a breaking point and so had I. For days leading up to that particular bedtime, there had been tears ....more