from the mouths of babes

Hey, strangers! Guess who doesn't have time to write anymore now that the kids are home for summer! All these words swirling around my head, hoping to come out, and I just can't find the time ....more

The Answer was Molly

At bedtime few weeks ago, we reached Level: Desperation. Max's pre-bedtime anxiety had hit a breaking point and so had I. For days leading up to that particular bedtime, there had been tears ....more

Mommin' it up at Widespread Panic

I'm not what you would call "fun." I mean, I can be funny. I can have...more

Gender-Nonconformity: It's about Identity

I want to send out a thank you to the Universe. Well, at least to the media, who seem obsessed with the topic of gender and gender identity lately.You can't listen to the news or click on your social media feeds without being bombarded by images and stories relating to gender, gender identity, the LGBT community, or little boys wearing princess gowns.Thank you, Universe, for shining a light on this issue, one that is near and dear to my heart. Max is growing up in a world that isn't perfect (North Carolina's HB2 and other so-called "Bathroom Bills" are proof of the fact that we still have a long way to go) ....more

a changing conversation of Love

Jim and Peggie Louise met on a blind date. Set up by mutual friends only because Jim was the one guy in town taller than Peggie, no one expected the relationship to last. Jim fell in love with Peggie, his "long-stemmed rose," though and over time and despite Jim's deployment during World War II, Peggie fell for him, too.In August of 1947, when Jim and Peggie were 23- and 21-years-old, respectively, they eloped ....more

the toll of picky eating

There are two things that, without medical intervention, you simply can not do for your children: You can't make them sleep and you can't make them eat. (You also can't make them use the bathroom, but we're actually all doing okay in that department for the time being.)They're the two most stressful parts of having a newborn: Is he eating enough? Why isn't he sleeping?!They're the two issues that have plagued Evan's life forever ....more

An Army Party

Evan's the kind of kid who knows what he wants. When it comes to birthday parties, he wants the Real Deal: a theme of his choosing, decorations, games, activities, cake, party guests, the works.He's also the kind of kid who knows what he likes. He's an introvert that doesn't really like big crowds (or even small groups of people when they're in his space) ....more

9 and 9

"Mommy, you know what?""What, babe?" I called back. It was Monday afternoon and we were on our way to pick up Max from a friend's house. I was walking Jake while Evan pushed Molly in the stroller a few paces behind me."In exactly nine years and three days, I can enlist in the army."My heart stopped and then so did I ....more

Asheville, North Carolina: Magic and Happiness

The fact that, the day before our trip, he had a fever didn't surprise me. A measurable rise in body temperature is how Evan responds to all major life events or transitions. Holiday? ...more

Four-Year-Old Feminist

We were hustling, the other day, in an effort to make it to ballet on time. I hurried her into her leotard and hurried her hair back into a ponytail. I hurried her sweater on and hurried her into her boots ....more