33 things about my Dragon Lady

My littlest baby is three years old today. Can I still call her my baby? I can ....more

we're where we need to be

When we moved here, to our new little town, a few years ago, we did so on a whim. Though I had loved living in this area before Sam and I got married, I never looked at it as a Forever Home. Especially after we were married and had our kids, I thought we were settled ....more

I Don't Regret My Master's Degree

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I spend more of my time at playgrounds than in meetings. I literally can’t remember the last time I used an iron ....more

Peeling Back the Layers

He came running in from school on Friday, out of breath and talking a mile a minute.This was not my child.My child comes home from school and exhales a sigh of relief. Relief to be home. Relief to have some "Alone Time," he calls it, after a day full of people and activity ....more

Potty Day: The Third and Final Cut

We take a mixed bag approach to Potty Training in our house. On the one hand, we are in no hurry to reach the milestone. We wait, and we wait, and we wait, until our toddlers are practically screaming their potty-training readiness (and until the birthday presents they received for their, um, third...more

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Organized

There are a lot of moms out there right now saying, "That's it. This is the year. In 2015 I WILL get organized."I am not one of those moms.You can't "get organized" if you already "are organized."I've been organized since birth ....more

the sweet spot

Parenthood is hard. It's exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are days, as a parent of young children, that you feel like you cannot catch your breath; you are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of your responsibility, you are running on empty due to little and interrupted sleep, and you are in Constant Physical Contact with one or more of your tiny, needy children ....more

now or never

"What'll it be for lunch, cutie?" I asked her a few weeks ago.Now that Molly is on the downslope to three [gulp.] she has opinions about things that she never had before. I can no longer choose her clothes for her (or shoes! My god do NOT suggest which shoes she wear, if you know what's good for you!), and I should not, if I want her to eat, prepare her lunch without her prior consent.She tapped her chin thoughtfully as she furrowed her brows in concentration ....more

The Dangers of Doorbells

Let me give you a little thought exercise for the evening: My mom and dad have eight children. No, no...that's not all. It gets crazier: So they have eight kids ....more

Bear Ticklish does it again

As we were getting into the car after preschool this morning, Max said, "And I think there's one more thing I want to add to my wish list. Cecelia brought the Cootie Bug game to school and it's so fun. So I think I'll ask for it so I can play with it whenever I want."Now, here's the thing about Christmas wish lists in this house: They would be added to and amended repeatedly, right up until the moment these children's eyes close on Christmas Eve if we didn't have a Wish List Close Date ....more