10 Tips for Effective Communication

What is effective communication?Communication is the art of conveying information. Effective communication is essential for positive personal and professional relationships, and professional development and growth, and business success.When we communicate, it is important that others understand our message. Being understood allows us to align mission, values and goals with co-workers, supervisors and customers. We can share our ideas and discover solutions.How do we communicate effectively?...more

Tips for happiness at work!

I was inspired this morning by Gretchen Rubin’s article, 24 Tips for Being Happy At Work. My ultimate life goal is to enjoy all of life as much as I can, living and loving every moment. For me to achieve this goal, I practice loving work. My career is a significant part of my life, and it’s truly part of my love if I choose to let it be.Any and all of us can get bogged down even at jobs we love, and loving work takes an active approach....more
I'm usually very dismissive of lists like these, but you've included some genuinely helpful, ...more

Get Gratitude: 3 Simple Steps for Living

Gratitude comes in many forms and offers as many benefits. Living a grateful life means consciously interacting with your life and mindfully honoring the truths of your existence. Okay, so maybe you’re thinking that sounds a bit out there, but gratitude isn’t out there, it’s in here. It’s the practice of recognizing what’s good in life and embracing the joy that comes naturally with gratitude.Living a grateful life makes it easier to have fun, easier to let go, and easier to enjoy life’s joyful surprises....more

Want Change? Try Acceptance.

We all want change. We want to change ourselves, our situation, the world. We may want to change others.Change doesn’t always come in the form we want it. Change happens and we struggle against it, uncertain and fearful. Perhaps we may even want our situation to be what it was.Sometimes we try and try and try for change, only nothing seems to change. We keep repeating the same behavior over and over, waiting for change that never comes....more