Tricks or Treats? Coparenting and Hallowe'en

Your custody schedule probably contemplated all of the big holidays - but what about the small ones?Today I'm over at DivorcedMoms talking about my issues with scheduling Hallowe'en with the Goblin King!...more

Childhood Memories of Hallowe'en and Other Things

Halloween - well that was our favorite holiday.  We always went out together.  Every year.  From the time we were little kids going out with our parents - until the time when I was old enough to take us all out alone.  We'd spend months deciding what we were going to be.  As time passed, Marcus' costume had to be altered to fit over his bulky wheelchair.  He always wanted to be something "normal".  He didn't want to incorporate the chair.  He wanted to be himself - just like all the other kids.  One year a vampire.  Another a super hero....more

Fun and Games: Co-Parenting and Extracurricular Activities

While our custody schedule has resulted in a lot less headaches since it was implemented, it does mean that I have the children on different days every week.  ...more

I Will Do Better Next Time

I've been blogging to help me to come to terms with my out of control co-parenting issues.  It was supposed to help me to hold my tongue with my ex - because I'd done all of my ranting here. But yesterday, I didn't do that. Yesterday, my daughter got sick at about four in the morning.  My ex took her to the hospital because she had a fever and he had no idea what to do....more