Another Year Older...Another Lesson Learned

Flower is seven this year. ...more

Be compassion. Feel compassion. Live compassion. #1000Speak

As I've been leading up to it for the past couple of weeks, I’ll point you again to my “Compassion is a Verb” piece – leading up to today’s overwhelming examples of human compassion on over 1000 blogger’s sites as part of the #1000Speak campaign started as a result of an impassioned post by Lizzi Rogers last month. Read more » ...more

#AAF with Cascia Talbert of the Talbert Zoo and The Healthy Moms Blog Magazine

As you may know, I've been blogging for just over a year now - and one of my most frequent commenters and supporters has been Cascia Talbert from the Talbert Zoo and The Healthy Moms Blog Magazine. Cascia Talbert is a passionate writer slash blogger slash editor, mother of five, and they're currently living near Chicago. ...more

My Lawyer's Worst Client

By now, most of you will know that I was in a terrible car accident a little over four years ago. ...more

I am Inspired!

I was incredibly humbled to be nominated by Jane Thrive of Survive, Live Thrive for the Very Inspirational Blogger award this week! Thank you!...more

The Passive Aggressive Valentine

With the holiday approaching, I ventured out yesterday to pick up Valentine's cards for Hubs and the kids. ...more

Letter to My Ex

This week, I was invited by Vicki Shemin, a...more

My New Mission

I had an interesting thought the other night, as I sometime do (this is in between my regular night time discussion with myself about how weird it is that we have a room in all of our homes that we enter with the specific purpose of becoming unconscious for 6-8 hours every night. ...more

Codependency and Enabling Behavior Doesn't End with Divorce

When I was married to my ex, for my own survival, it was sometimes necessary to "bend" the truth. I'm not proud of it - I don't condone lying in my home and I try to promote honesty in my children. However - sometimes - to avoid an inevitable reaction from my ex and protect myself, I would lie or conceal the truth ....more