april 2015 general conference kids activities & update

twice a year, at general conference time, i update my ultimate guide to general conference with kids resource so that you can find a lot of great up-to-date activities to help keep your little ones happily entertained and listening during conference. each time i update it i find a plethora of ideas from people and blogs all over the internet to add to this ever-expanding list. this time around (april 2015), however, i’m busy taking care of my sweet family (i now have a month old baby in the home…my blog productivity or lack thereof explained ....more

free printable calendar :: april 2015

april is a fabulous month, in my books. i love all the trees and flowers budding, the crisp air outside, and spring cleaning my house – all stuffy from the winter months. it’s also the month of easter and general conference (kids conference activities anyone?)…this year, on the same day! ...more

free printable calendar :: march 2015

we have had such amazing weather over the last couple of months! it’s almost like winter never existed. in january and february we were wearing flip flops outside and leaving our coats in the closet ....more

kisses & hugs :: free printable valentine’s day game of tic-tac-toe

my kids are huge into holidays! every valentine’s day, easter, fourth of july, halloween, thanksgiving, & christmas (and yes, even the superbowl) is a chance to celebrate! they spend a lot of time making their own decorations and displaying them all over our house ....more

free printable calendar :: february 2015

i love the month of february! my kids have already started working on their valentine’s cards to give to their friends. it’s fun to think of little ways to say “i’m glad you’re my friend.” they’ve also hidden valentine’s day cards that they have made for my husband and i (they made them back at the beginning of january!) they get so excited over these kinds of holidays that i’ve decided to make it a special day for them ....more

how to menu plan for busy days :: free printable menu planner

i am trying to be better organized this year. i have a few busy months coming up and i’m trying to plan out as much as i can – i’m making lists, schedules, stocking my pantry, etc all kinds of things in an effort to have all my ducks lined up in a row before the busy time hits. while i still use my menu planner (< click to read how and why i menu plan & download free menu planning stickers) daily to plan out which meals we are having on which days, i found myself wanting to plan even further ahead to make sure i have food in my house that can be made into meals on those inevitable ultra busy days – even the ones i don’t anticipate happening…you know, where the best laid plans kinda fall apart ....more

shop update :: an organized 2015!

this is the perfect time to get organized for a brand new year. a fresh start! 2015 has a lot of potential – my mind is on overdrive thinking of all the places in which i can improve myself and my life and i can’t wait to jot it all in so i can start getting to work! ...more

free printable calendar :: january 2015

i can’t believe that 2015 is already here! it’s going to be a big year for us – lots of goals and plans to fulfill! as i’ve been thinking about new year’s resolutions, i realize just how un-creative mine are ....more

they’re FINALLY here! free printable 2015 monthly planner pages

*if you are interested in 2015 planner/calendar bundles, including monthly, weekly, and daily calendars, budget trackers, menu planners, grocery shopping lists, to-do lists, and more, in both half sheet (A5) and full sheet (8.5″x11″) sizes, check out my etsy shop or see the bottom of this post for more details!* ...more

how i organized my entire christmas :: holiday planner

most of the time when december rolls around, i often hear the “here we go again” phrase accompanied by a long sigh....more