Never Beyond

Find more posts like this at   I just discovered People of the Second Chance over the past week, and I’ve been absolutely taken by their message.  I’ve been reading everything on their site and all the blogs they link to—definitely check them out.  Their mission is one of radical grace.  Their newest series, ...more

Whine Connoisseur

A friend this week shared with me

Packaging Doesn't Always Equal Junk Food

You can find this post and others like it at With my job having been so crazy lately, grocery shopping has taken a bit of a dive in my priorities.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not sticking to my calorie range and eating as well as I should!  That just means I don’t have a lot of fresh food around the house (or time to prepare it, even if I did).  I realized today when I was packing my lunch that I have a kind of emergency supply of pre-packaged healthy foods for just these seasons! So here are a few of my favorit...more

Ready! Set! Eat?

You can find this post and others like it at People, I have discovered one of the most amazing tools ever!  Our friend over at Leaving Fatville turned me on to  Awesome!  Ok, whether you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight (or just don’t care), this is the perfect website for planning our last minute dinners. The basics: You tell it how much time you have and what kind of main ingredien...more

Get Skinny by Brown-Bagging It!

You can find this post and others like it at My coworkers drive me insane.  Everyone complains about their holiday weight gain; yet, everyday at lunch, everyone is asking what restaurant we want to go to.  Every day it is “Who else wants Mexican?” or “Does anyone want Jimmy John’s?” or “Where are you going for lunch?”  I swear I’m just going to start packing them all a lunch every day because I’m tired of it! It’s tough being that one person brown-bagging it....more

My husband usually takes leftovers in his lunch and people frequently comment on how good they ...more

Make a Resolution for Change!

You can find this post and others like it at Welcome to 2011!  The holidays are behind us, and we’re staring down a fresh start.  I love a clean slate!  And I don’t care who you are—we all need a clean slate right now.  Whether you’re a size 2 or a 26, you’re a couple pounds heavier than you were at the beginning of October. So here we are armed with our resolutions.  We’re ready to go!  We’re committed!  And we’ve been here before… Anyone re...more

The Diet Doesn't Matter

You can find this post and others like it at When I use the word “diet,” I mean the food and beverages I eat daily.  However, when most people hear the word “diet,” they think of a set of restrictive rules around what you eat daily with the goal of losing weight.  I am not on a diet, but I discuss my diet regularly on this blog. Still with me? I watched an interview with this guy who purposefully built junk food into...more

Arm Yourself against Temptation

You can find this post and others like it at If I’m going to make it the next 3 weeks, I’m going to need a serious arsenal to deal with temptation.  I’ll tell you, I grab a coffee most mornings at the café in my building at work, and they serve the most delightful Chocolate Chip Espresso Coffee Cake.  Yeah.  I’ve got temptation staring me in the face. So how do you deal with cravings and temptations when they’re knocking down your door?  In a previo...more

Custom Calories!

You can find this post and other like it at When you try to lose or maintain your weight, your most important piece of knowledge is your calories limits....more

I Make Great Sammiches!

You can find this post and others like it at I was chatting with a friend (and faithful reader) who mentioned that she loved my post on snack suggestions.  I was telling her about how I’ve discovered two fantastic sandwich combinations that have been my lunch obsession for weeks now (my nutritionist says I get on food kicks just like a 5-year-old).  But they’re both fantastic and fantastically easy to ...more