The Wanga Bottle

Back in February I posted about the European style Witch Bottles and now I turn to the African style of bottle magic. I had the great pleasure of learning about the Voodoo practice of Wanga Bottles this weekend at Pagan Pride Day. It's a fascinating practice that dates back hundreds of years to African slaves taken to Haiti. ...more

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Pagan Pride Day

Two friends and I attended the Springfield Pagan Pride Day this weekend. We had a really good time! ...more

Dew Kissed

As I walked the dogs this morning I was surprised at the amount of dew we recieved here overnight. The newly cut grass was thick and heavy with the moist breath of the night. The very air itself was thick and heavy with moisture, so much so that walking through it felt like walking through a cool breezy steam room. My bare feet in the lush green grass grew cold as we traipsed through the chilly morning air and watched the low lying clouds of fog melt away in the morning sun. The dew was so heavy that by midday the grass was still wet in the shade under the trees. ...more

Prayer in Public Schools

"Erica Corder was one of 15 valedictorians at Lewis-Palmer High School in 2006. All were invited to speak for 30 seconds at the graduation ceremony. When it was Corder’s turn, she encouraged the audience to get to know Jesus Christ. Corder had not included those remarks during rehearsals. Corder’s lawsuit, filed Aug. 27 in U.S. District Court, said Principal Mark Brewer told her to prepare a public apology or she would not receive her diploma. She was still allowed to graduate." ...more

Bush Apologizes for Snubbing Wiccan War Widow

FERNLEY, Nev. (AP) - President Bush called a Fernley military widow on Thursday and apologized for her not being invited to a private meeting earlier this week in Reno, when he met briefly with the families of fallen Nevada soldiers. The president's phone call to Roberta Stewart came a day after White House and military officials said her exclusion from Tuesday's meeting was an oversight and not an intentional snub because of her Wiccan faith. Las Vegas Sun article ...more

The Green Man

When I was very young I was afraid to be alone in the woods. I didn't know why or what I feared. It wasn't a fear that threatened harm, it wasn't a fear of the boogeyman. I sensed a watchful presence full of distrust; I felt like my every move was being monitored. I didn't understand this feeling and couldn't articulate it until I'd grown older. I still feel this when I'm in the woods and I feel it most strongly when I'm alone. I perceive it now as the Green Man. I don't experience the same fear as I did when I was a child but I do still feel his eyes upon me. ...more

The Slide into Winter

I spent some time outside tonight and got to enjoy the very beginnings of autumn. This was the first night in a long while that I could be comfortable outside. The bugs aren't as numerous and it's not as humid. It's still getting plenty hot during the day but the summer is just beginning to slow down. I like to think of it as the beginning of the slide into home. The autumn is my favorite time of year; the discomfort of summer eases and, for a while, everything keeps growing. ...more

The Horned God(s)

"The Sorcerer" or the horned shaman from paleolithic cave art is found in modern France. The figure is therianthropic, meaning it blends human and animals forms into a symbolic image. The trouble arises when one tries to pin down the meaning of said symbology. The most commonly held theory is that the image portrays one of the earliest spiritual leaders, a shaman, in the course of a ritual or trance. Pre-historic shamans used the same techniques that later shamans use to induce trance and work magic: chant, dance and various hallucinogenic or otherwise psychotropic natural substances. ...more

The Wonder of Coltsfoot

Botanical name: Tussilago Farfara meaning "cough dispeller"; Other names: coughwort, Hallfoot, Horsehoof and Ass's Foot, among others; habitat: Europe, particularly England; it is not found in North America; Magical Influences: Venus and the element of Water; Parts used: leaves, gathered in June/July, flowerstalks gathered in February, the flowers and root. ...more