The Art of Pregnancy After 40

I'm happy to announce that after two years in the works, I just published my first book titled "The Art of Pregnancy After 40", as part of The Simple Green Life Book Series.The book is a perfect mélange of my personal journey, current medical standards, common myths, and the latest scientific research.The book shall serve as an informal guide to lifestyle, diet, exercise, partnership and pregnancy at this age, offering motivation, inspiration as well as strength....more

Do Vaccines Do More Good Than Harm?

Hey everybody, There's a survey to see how people feel about vaccinating their children. This will complement a forthcoming objective article to be released soon about vaccines: benefits and risks. THE SURVEY HAS JUST ONE QUESTION This is a very important topic so please share with friends and family this post or the link below. ...more

Holiday sweepstakes

Enter our Holiday Sweepstakes with great organic gift from Giggle ...more

Simple Tips on Real Energy And Water Savings for Apartment Renters And Owners

Going green is important for our environment and our planet but it's also essential for the future of our children and next generations....more

What is Gluten? Plus Two Yummy Gluten-free Desserts

Most of us have heard about gluten, but unless we deal with any gluten-intolerance, it doesn't really concern us much.So what exactly is gluten?Gluten is a protein composite found in foods made of wheat, barley, rye and other grains. Due to its elastic properties, it helps the dough rise and retain its shape; it also gives the final product a chewy texture. Foods labeled "Gluten-free" are made without gluten, using other ingredients that don't cause this particular allergy or intolerance....more