The Top Ten Ways Having Kids Will Affect Your Next Girls Night Out.

I love a fun night out with friends just as much as the next girl, but discovered  having little ones has changed just about every aspect of having a girls night out. here are the top ten ways going out with friends has changed since having kids.1. While trying to decide what outfit to wear you look for the outfit with the least amount of spit up stains instead of the cutest option....more
I just seriously laughed, out loud, for a solid five minutes. Maybe because I feel like this ...more

Why a PJ Day Was Perfectly Acceptable

My daughters do not always get along. I know this is normal, I really do, but the part of me that longed for a sister growing up wants it to be all love and laughter all the time. I want to hear giggles and turn around to see them all doing each others hair or laughing about some silly inside joke. It is not this way. They scream and fight and tattle as much as they breathe. It is always someone’s else fault and a roll of the eyes can be enough to send someone into nonstop tears. It is as exhausting as it sounds and then some....more
I know exactly what you mean, i have 5 daughters and the oldest 4 fight like crazy! Most of the ...more