Carrot Cake Socca Custard Cake

So I was going to try Socca for NaNeFoMo.I failed.Don't get me wrong - I tried, I really did! I got my snazzy bag of Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Flour (all natural ground garbanzo beans? Yay for high-proteiners, low-carbers, and sans-food-processorers (?)!). I looked up a recipe. Then...I was naughty. WHOOPSIES....more

The Grand Soy Debate

Soylful Snackin' That was supposed to be a pun on soulful, but I don't think it worked. *Moving on.*I know the whole soy thing is a top of hot contention in the nutritional sphere, but here's my opinion, via a quote from my middle school English teacher (it was about adjectives then, but you can apply it here, too):"Don't over-do it, stupid."...more

Greek Yogurt Face-Off

I wanted to try a bunch of different yogurts for NaNeFoMo, so that I could find the *best* yogurt out there. Today, I'm focusing on plain greek yogurt. Several yogurt companies sent me yogurt to sample, so I got down to stuffing my face business....more

Beans 'n Greens Brownies

First off, I made this at night with terrible indoor lighting for photographs. So which photograph is (slightly) less awful? Without flash: With flash: Awful lighting or not, I bet you get the idea - chocolaty fudgy decadence. Whether you wish to call these brownies or energy bars, they are a tasty, healthy (and convenient!) way to get those beans and greens in! If you want a super-sweet and insubstantial brownie that will give you a sugar high and the giggles (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!) this recipe isn't that....more

Awesome Green Monster (Protein packed!)

This December is quite something - by December 20, I'll have to decide what I'm going to do next semester. Return to Harvard? Transfer to USC? Or apply to German medical school, instead?Except I do love the USA. Cheesy as it sounds. :P Le sigh to all of these decisions!Here's something a little lighter, best enjoyed with a side of twinkly blue and white Christmas tree (yes, I like my tinsel):...more

Healthy Hot Cocoa

You know, to continue the chocolate theme. ;)And okay, so I didn't really have an open fire yet...but there was some yummy (healthy) hot cocoa involved in my Christmas movie watching afternoon!...more

MannaOrganics Sprouted Bread Review and Giveaway

Guess what? This is a GIVEAWAY post!...more

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oats!

I've been doing a lot of reviews lately (and have a lot more to come - including a giveaway at 12pm today!) because I love reviews - I think they're a super-handy way to find new yummy things and to save yourself from wasting time/money/stomach space on non-yummy things. ...more

Travel-friendly Peanut Butter!

Peanut flour: the blogosphere has been abuzz with the stuff lately, so I just had to try it forNaNeFoMo. Not to replace peanut butter entirely, of course, but as an alternative to mix things up (because I eat a ton of peanut butter) and as a portable, travel-friendly option....more

A Chocolaty Product Review

I've always wondered why people said that they're 'on cloud nine.'But then I tried some Vitalicious muffin top samples and now I get it.Okay, not the nine part (why not cloud seven? Cloud ten? Cloud thirteen?) but the cloud part. Because these are some fluffy, pillowy, yummy baked goods!...more