I have to catch the 2255! I shriek above the cacophany that is London traffic on a Wednesday night not long before Christmas.We are legging it, fast as we can, from Covent Garden to St Pancras to catch the hi-speed home.  A fair old walk at the best of times....more

New worlds

I keep starting this post and then deleting what I've written. I've been wanting to muse about love, and the lovely youngish man. But I'm tired and instead I find myself simply marvelling at what it is - I mean, what's the process? - that the human heart goes through to recover from injury and fully engage once again.  It's incredible, this organ of ours.  Really, I'm speechless with admiration at the human facility to suffer, recover and carry on. ...more

This Weekend

This weekend I went to market and found a five pound note. This weekend I went to market and found a five pound note and a new pair of school shoes for Anna-mouse. This weekend I went to market and found a five pound note; a new pair of school shoes for Anna-mouse and a house for us to live in. This weekend I went to market and found a five pound note; a new pair of school shoes for Anna-mouse; a house for us to live in and an art gallery in a disused shop....more

Reviewing the Surprise

Quiet.  Contemplative.  Retreating back into my single space for one and a small, golden-haired half.  The happy, glowing bubble in which we stood to hold our conversation seems barely credible today.  Did it happen like that, I want to ask? But it was important.  It was momentous!  The lovely youngish man I met yesterday re-introduced me to possibility: to connection: to love. ...more

Working, alone

Three in the afternoon.  The low winter sun is filtering through the blinds of the spare room where I work.  The day is... quiet.  Long.  I am supposed to be working - and indeed have been working - but I have become slower and slower, like a wind-up toy whose battery is running out....more

The Nub of Things

It was early in the morning.  We'd had a little skirmish over her new karate suit, onto which I was trying to sew in a bleary-eyed fashion three cloth badges.  Apparently I sewed the one on the sleeve the wrong way round. As it was in Chinese, it was hard to tell, but Anna-mouse was up in arms.  She had a good shout, flung herself off the bed where I was sewing, and hurtled into her bedroom.A few moments later she re-appeared with some magnetic words from a poetry kit and began to stick them to the radiator.The first wonky line of words read:...more


I love playing dominoes.  I love everything about them.  I love the sleek, cool pieces. Tiles, they call them.  I love turning them in my hand.  I love the way our set of tiles comes in an old-fashioned metal tin.  I love that once you have chosen your initial tiles and placed them in a strategically defensive line before you, backs to the other players, the superfluous ivory oblongs are put into a pile called the Bone Yard....more

Keeping it Simple

When the Bim escaped Kent Town with his new love Mary a few weeks ago, it was to a little village about seven miles away.  A different world.  A good move.  And after comforting Anna-mouse through several anxious pre-move nights, it was thankfully a move that has proved popular with her, too....more

NaBloPoMo Reality Check

So here we are at last.  I've hit it.  On this, the twelfth day of attempting to post every day for a month, I really, really don't want to write. Bless my higher self for making me show up grumbling at the page.Here's the thing:  I don't write a tech-y blog.  I'm not a geek.  I'm not a cook who posts recipes.  I'm not a Yummy Mummy, though I am a mother.  I'm not a scrapbooker, photographer or maker.  I'm not a farmer or a woman who has moved countries and blogs about that. ...more

Things of Note

They say that writers are supposed to notice things.  Currently I'm noticing that it is twenty-three minutes to midnight, and that unless I write something very fast I won't have a blog post for this day at all.  And for NaBloPoMo, that just won't do.So I thought I'd write about what I've noticed, today:...more