More to learn

Kev has been diligently following leads and getting projects done around the house the last couple of weeks. There have been so many friends and family who have come forward with suggestions and referrals and we both appreciate it so much. Kev has taken calls and sent out his resume and has another interview lined up for next week.Unfortunately, nothing yet is happening that's more concrete than just feeling things out ....more

Wedding Bells

My sister is getting married this winter, so I had the opportunity to take some photos for her wedding announcement. I can't believe she's old enough to get married. She's actually two years older than I was when I married Kev ....more


I participated in a fun challenge on Instagram called #crafttherainbow. Brittany from The House that Lars Built hosted the challenge and eventually awarded one winner a whole lot of awesome rainbow stuff.While I didn't win, I had fun coming up with rainbows during that month. Here are some of my favorites:...more


As I drive Aspen to and from preschool, I see yards being cut back for the season. Flowers have been deadheaded, bushes have been trimmed, leaves are being raked.I'm always hesitant to do this pruning in my own yard. Each year I worry it'll be the last that a plant comes back from a trim ....more

Letters to Lincoln, month 5

Linc-You're five months old. YESSSSSSSSSSS. I've had a rough month, but that's probably no surprise ....more

A Holiday Season Surprise

This week Kev lost his job. Well, technically, he was told that in two months there might be some work for him, but in the mean time SEE YA LATER.It's very difficult to understand. It seemed there was a lot of promise for Kev to switch roles in the company and work for a different division ....more

Thoughts on happiness

I've been struggling lately to find balance in my life. Balance between being me and being mom. This is always really hard for me ....more

This is Halloween

On Halloween I decided to take Aspen trick-or-treating at the South Towne Mall in the afternoon. And since I made those plans, Lincoln decided to take an awesome nap and we ended up stuck in traffic trying to get to Sandy later than I would've liked. The whole drive to the mall, Aspen kept telling me I should have gone a different way and I was like, I AM GOING A DIFFERENT WAY ....more

PopPop gets a treat

A couple weeks ago, I saw a notice on a WSU Facebook page about Jeffrey Tambor speaking at convocation. I told Kev about it and he couldn't believe it. And then we did something we never...more

Mabey Farms

Without a minute to spare, we finally made it to a pumpkin patch! I think we usually put it off until the last Saturday before Halloween, and it works pretty well for us. The Mabey Patch in South Jordan is nice because there's no entrance fee ....more