Still going

When I first starting drafting a book I was like weeeeeeeeeeeeee write every week! Which, admittedly, wasn't ideal but it was at least something.I've stalled out lately since I'm waiting on some outside sources to supplement my own information. And I used that as an excuse to completely step away from writing for a while ....more

Disney on Ice

I was so happy to win tickets to Disney on Ice from Corina, and I planned to surprise Aspen the day of. I had talked to my SIL about taking her two girls with us (I won four tickets) so I planned a sleepover with them after the show and thought Aspen would really be thrilled.Well, turns out she was pretty pissed. I had mentioned we needed to have extra-good behavior that Friday because I had a special surprise planned with her cousins ....more

Letters to Lincoln, month 17

Linky-Lou,In the last month your vocabulary has expanded to include a lot more animal sounds. You're working on "moo," "oink," and also saying the word horsey! Yay! ...more

Halloween 2015

One of these days I'm going to have the family dress in coordinating outfits and it'll be so darling. But, for now, Aspen randomly comes up with whatever she wants, and Linc wears clothes from his closet that slightly resemble something. HA!Halloween was a fun day this year ....more

Jumping Beans

I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch one day when Linc suddenly decided to jump off. There was a cushion on the floor and he seemed to be aiming for it (And a couple weeks later he tried the same thing, only that time he headed toward the exercise ball in front of the couch) I caught him mid-air as he headed to the floor and he thought that was the best thing ever in his entire life.So... that's super ....more

Trunk or Treat

Our ward hosted a Trunk or Treat and I was so excited because it's the first year we've had one since we lived in Ogden. I was a little nervous about taking the kids by myself because Linc is just all over the place and he can be so hard to contain. I knew I wouldn't be able to give Aspen all the attention she might want when it came to doing games or collecting candy and all that.Thankfully, my sister came up for the afternoon and babysat the kids for a couple of hours ....more

Uncommon Goods

Recently, Uncommon Goods contacted me and asked me to check out their website and products. Their brand strives to exemplify sustainability in all they do, and not just by printing their catalogues on recycled paper. They pay their workers a living wage, they allow customers to donate to a non-profit at checkout, and they sell products that cause no harm to animals (no fur, leather or feathers).It's a commendable mission, given that so often consumer products are all about top-dollar for the retailer.And although sometimes when we think of earth-conscious products, we think of crunchy-granola-junk, Uncommon Goods actually has a lovely selection of useful, beautiful, and fun items ....more

The Heber Creeper

I have childhood memories of riding the Heber Creeper and visiting The Homestead, and that's probably why I'm obsessed with Heber/Midway/Park City now. Amidst all the crazy that was my family as a kid, at least we managed to do a few awesome things! Kimberly was taking her family over the weekend, and it just so happened Kev had it off work so I bought tickets to piggy-pack on her outing ....more

Jammin' with the Village People

On early-out day (and after a million errands) we made our way to Gardner Village for an afternoon. Apparently, so did EVERYONE ELSE. It was so busy ....more

Letters to Lincoln, month 16

Hey baby-You're such a busy little man and it makes me so tired! Sometimes I feel so badly that I'm inwardly wishing you would just be able to hold still for a few minutes. When will you be old enough to watch TV?! ...more