Wolfe's Neck Farm

We had some ideas brewing for our vacation; places to go and things to do... but after we survived 13 hours of travel I didn't really want to do anything that involved long car rides. So we kept our itinerary local and made the most of what Freeport has to offer.I suggested we take the short drive to Wolfe's Neck Farm with baby Vito and Aspen, so one afternoon we headed out ....more

Winslow Park, day 1

We hit up Winslow Park our second day in Maine, and I'm impressed we survived it with Linc. We may have stayed juuuuust a little too long, but it was still so nice to be there. It was probably the highlight of Aspen's vacation to spend time at the water, so it was totally worth having Linc lay on my lap and scream for five minutes while we tried to pack up and convince Aspen to leave ....more

Fort Williams

Our little explorer spent a few minutes walking through the "castle" at Fort Williams and then decided to go down the trails with Kev and Marc. We probably spent a little too long at the Portland Headlight, but it was worth the hungry tummies on the ride home. It was such a beautiful day and we all had fun.There are some more photos of the fort below if you'd like to see for yourself: The trees are so gorgeous in Maine ....more

Vacation, all I ever wanted!

We have been having a fantastic time on vacation visiting my family. I'm so grateful Kev and I were able to take this trip in the wake of our home disaster. It has been a much-needed break from the stress of dealing with the flood clean up ....more

I've seen fire and I've seen rain

Tuesday night Linc only woke up at 1:30a to eat. I was thrilled! He had slept extra throughout the day and really well during the night since he had shots earlier in the afternoon ....more

For the walls

Sometimes I wonder what happened to my brain. For a couple of years now, we haven't had a desktop computer set up. We've been getting by with my really run down netbook, and Kev's work laptop ....more

We went to the pool again!

As it turns out, I can...more

Just some photos

I think I've exercised considerable restraint when it comes to posting photos of my kids. So... here's today's post for ya ....more

For your consideration

With the passing of Robin Williams, there has been a lot of chatter about mental illness. I love that so many people are peppering their social media feeds with links to support hotlines, and kind words about being available to loved ones if they find themselves in need.But here's the thing: in my personal experience with depression, approaching someone about my problems was not an option.When my depression takes over, I tend to...more

An update on the Library

I waited about a week to email the library after my unfortunate experience so as not to be rude when I explained what happened. I know it's not a huge deal, and I didn't want to be that person who makes a situation worse because they aren't calm. But I think it was inappropriately handled by this particular librarian and I don't want another care-giver to be approached as I was and to feel as I did when trying to enjoy the library with QUIET CHILDREN.I mentioned my efforts to be courteous of others (by bottle feeding vs breast feeding), and the fact that children around me were being loud while mine were not ....more