It is your birthday.

The week of my birthday, I was depressingly busy. I was covering some shifts at work, shuttling Aspen to and from school and dance, registering Aspen for kindergarten, and basically just not sleeping because LINCOLN.So I got really excited when I noticed a wide-open schedule on Thursday, and the possibility of staying home in my PJs all day was reeeeeally appealing. On top of that, Katrina offered to take both of my kids that afternoon so I could do anything I wanted for a couple of hours kid-free.But then one of my coworkers asked me to cover for her, and since she's going through a rough time right now I couldn't bring myself to turn her down ....more

Letters to Lincoln, month 10

Hey little dude-Going into your tenth month, you started dancing to music. Whether it's Aspen's toy piano, or the opening credits to "Parks and Recreation," you wiggle and jiggle in delight. There's also the hand-wave, which is very cute ....more

Easter Weekend

Kev had to work Easter Sunday, so we gave Aspen a basket and did a small egg hunt on Saturday. She loved going around the house to search for eggs. On Sunday I took the kids out for some pictures in their coordinating outfits ....more

My little sister's wedding

Back in January, my sister got married! Although it was a little chilly, it was a beautiful day for photos to capture the memories of the day. Like I mentioned before, she had so many friends who basically put her wedding together for her ....more

Mommy Selfies

I remained pretty successful with my photos in March. I think I missed a few days near the end, but overall I'm so glad I tried this challenge for myself. Hopefully I won't completely fall out of the habit of photographing myself with the kids ....more


A few weeks ago, my older brother came over for dinner on a night Kev was working swing shift. I didn't tell Seth I was flying solo when I invited him over, so you could say I maybe tricked him into coming over for food and staying to put Aspen to bed for me. But what are siblings for if not to be manipulated into doing chores for you?!It was one of those nights I was having a really hard time getting Linc to bed ....more

The Target REDcard

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.I've posted about the Target REDcard before, but I just wanted to give it another shout out in case you don't know how awesome it is.My favorite thing about the REDCard is that it can be used as just a debit card with rewards. While there is a credit card option, I don't currently have it, so I never have to worry about paying off the balance every month. And using it as a debit card means no interest racking up, either ....more

Tic tic boom

For over two weeks now, Aspen has had a cough. Not just any cough, but a single, staccato, tic-like cough.After a few days, it turned into something productive so I figured she was just getting a cold. But then the yucky stuff went away after like, a day and the tic cough came back.I know I should feel badly for her because she has to cough like this, but I really feel badly for me ....more

Sleep Problems

My baby doesn't know how to fall asleep. He's nine months old, and he requires swaddling and bouncing to find dreamland.As I write, I am trying to block out the sounds of his frantic screams from his crib. You see, I just spent 55 minutes trying to get him to nap ....more

Every Day Photos Guide - Day 2

This photo challenge stumped me. Lindsay challenged participants to photograph a favorite spot in the house or yard.The thing about our house right now is that there is no space that is just my own. Kev has his garage and a storage room for all his stuff ....more