So long, and thanks for all the fish.

When I started this blog in March of 2005, I was drawn to the medium, and I'd been cheated on, and I wanted to stand up and share. I felt the deep sense of shame and self-worthlessness that being cheated on can bring. I knew my feelings were illogical and backwards, and I also knew with absolutely certainty that if I was feeling this nagging pull into a complete loss of self-worth, then other people were feeling it, too ....more

Books I Read in 2013

Any way you slice it, I hit my reading goal for 2013 of 18 books! I say that because Goodreads, of course, counts by individual book, making my total 23. I, on the other hand, lump together easily read fiction series that I tear through, for example, the "Divergent" series from Veronica Roth ....more

2013: My Year In Quotes

In my paper calendar, monthly view, I write quotes across the top. I do think about this throughout the month, but I never go looking for a quote to write. If a month slips by without one, so be it ....more

Square Peg, Angel City

I've been off work since Christmas and thinking about this year-end post idea and that year-end post idea. Now it's 12/31, 7pm, and I'm still figuring and formulating. Goals, resolutions ....more

My 1994 Toyota Corolla Was A Good Car

I totalled my car again. In exactly the same way. I pulled out of a parking garage onto dusty L.A. roads in drizzly rain ....more

Activities During Mindful Eatingy

I've been overeating. I eat too fast; I don't pay attention to how much I'm putting in mouth. It's quickly catching up with me in terms of my health ....more

I didn't come for money.

It occurred to me the other day that it's been over two years since I used a credit card. In that time, money's been tight. I figured I needed an annual salary of $45K to live reasonably, and my journey back to full-time employment after being laid off in 2009 landed me short ....more

Finding A Man: As Easy As One, Two, Three?

If you're a single woman, I'm guessing there's not a relationship desire you could express beyond, "It would be really great if he didn't beat me," that someone can't shoot down as you being too picky. Finding a man, many will tell you, is about compromising yourself. A lot ....more

Magic Little Diamond Earrings

A while back, I suddenly had these little diamond earrings. I must have dug them out of a jewelry box while looking for something to go with something, but then not worn them, and then when they popped up in my regular jewelry, I didn't remember. But there they were ....more

Wine and the Art of Carpet Cleaning

So last night I crawled home from work just in time to watch the premiere of Agents of Shield at 8pm. I poured myself a glass of wine and settled in. There's an explosion in the episode, and it startled me, causing me to send my wine flying across my newly cleaned carpet ....more