The Secret to Better Writing Lies in Screenplays

Have you ever read a screenplay? If you’re not in the entertainment industry, chances are you’ve never read one, but reading screenplays can inform your writing in unique ways. Public Domain Image via Pixabay Please, Mince Words When reading a screenplay, it’s best to take the time to read it in one sitting. A well-written screenplay allows the reader to have an experience similar to watching the program....more
I have written a couple of screenplays. It's all a passion of mine.more

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

When I started this blog in March of 2005, I was drawn to the medium, and I'd been cheated on, and I wanted to stand up and share. I felt the deep sense of shame and self-worthlessness that being cheated on can bring. I knew my feelings were illogical and backwards, and I also knew with absolutely certainty that if I was feeling this nagging pull into a complete loss of self-worth, then other people were feeling it, too ....more

Books I Read in 2013

Any way you slice it, I hit my reading goal for 2013 of 18 books! I say that because Goodreads, of course, counts by individual book, making my total 23. I, on the other hand, lump together easily read fiction series that I tear through, for example, the "Divergent" series from Veronica Roth ....more

2013: My Year In Quotes

In my paper calendar, monthly view, I write quotes across the top. I do think about this throughout the month, but I never go looking for a quote to write. If a month slips by without one, so be it ....more

Square Peg, Angel City

I've been off work since Christmas and thinking about this year-end post idea and that year-end post idea. Now it's 12/31, 7pm, and I'm still figuring and formulating. Goals, resolutions ....more

My 1994 Toyota Corolla Was A Good Car

I totalled my car again. In exactly the same way. I pulled out of a parking garage onto dusty L.A. roads in drizzly rain ....more

Activities During Mindful Eatingy

I've been overeating. I eat too fast; I don't pay attention to how much I'm putting in mouth. It's quickly catching up with me in terms of my health ....more

I didn't come for money.

It occurred to me the other day that it's been over two years since I used a credit card. In that time, money's been tight. I figured I needed an annual salary of $45K to live reasonably, and my journey back to full-time employment after being laid off in 2009 landed me short ....more

Finding A Man: As Easy As One, Two, Three?

If you're a single woman, I'm guessing there's not a relationship desire you could express beyond, "It would be really great if he didn't beat me," that someone can't shoot down as you being too picky. Finding a man, many will tell you, is about compromising yourself. A lot ....more

Magic Little Diamond Earrings

A while back, I suddenly had these little diamond earrings. I must have dug them out of a jewelry box while looking for something to go with something, but then not worn them, and then when they popped up in my regular jewelry, I didn't remember. But there they were ....more