Politics is as personal as every, day 8: What if my family was yours?

Here’s the Back Story: Darling Virgo and I have been married four times. It’s true. Well, sort of true. I guess I should say we’ve been “married” four times (emphasis on the quotation marks). The first was in the summer of 2000, just a few days after Howard Dean signed Civil Unions into Vermont law. We hustled over to Brattleboro that weekend and were the fourteenth couple to “I DO” in front of an old man with long eyebrows who was very happy and very nervous to betroth us in civil unity. Of course it meant absolutely nothing unless you lived in Vermont, which we didn’t....more

Politics is as personal as every, day 7: The Gift of Sight

         I don't know when we're going to have another Black president.  I suspect it won't be for a while.  So I'm going to show my hand a little more tonight and say that our current president can serve our country differently than any of those who preceded him: because he is Black.  Not just because all the little White kids can now look at the Black kid sitting next to them and think, "Hey, he looks like the President!"  Or because all the little Black boys can touch their fuzzy buzz cuts and know their hair feels like the Pres...more

Politics Is As Personal As Ever, Day 1: Gas Station Greens

          It’s no surprise I take politics personally, I’m a feminist.  That’s one of the things we chant when we meet in the darkness of the new moon and welcome the crisp autumnal breeze as it blows through the hair on our legs: The personal is political, the personal is political, the personal is political....more

Politics is as personal as every, day 5: Stimulus looks like a 3 bedroom ranch.

          When the real estate market crashed in September 2008, Darling Virgo and I were in the same position as a lot of Americans.  We had placed all the money saved up during our pre-parenting years (working for nickels at rusty little non-profits) in what seemed like a sound investment: a small three unit building in downtown Portland in which we lived and landlorded....more
@JennaHatfield Hi Jenna!  I have been to the group (only once, but will go more).  In fact the ...more

Politics is as personal as every, day 4: Serving up fresh, local stimuls.

          When Hot Shot, our daughter, started kindergarten in the Portland Public Schools in the fall of 2009, guess what she got: a great teacher, a kick-ass best friend, and a morning snack of fresh fruits and vegetables grown at local farms.          "Fresh fruits and vegetables grown at local farms?" you ask.  "How is that possible?"...more

Politics is as personal as ever, day 2: Traffic

          Lest you think this series is going to be a long list of sob stories about my children's runny diapers, today I'm going with something short and trite.  But no less important, mind you.  Here goes:...more