Fun With Keyword Analysis

Blogging is hard! Blogging while under the influence of children is even harder! Blogging with teenagers living in your house? ...more

The Evolution of a Worry Wart

I don't know what happened, really. I wasn't always such a worry wart. In fact, folks who knew me back in the day (you know, when social media was just a twinkle in Compaq's iframe and we actually face-timed each other, for real) would probably agree -- I was pretty loosey-goosey about stuff ....more

Mom, Mistaken For a Zombie, Gets Punched In Throat!

Living with 2 teens and 3 other adults (who have opinions AND are NOT afraid to use them), it's not very often that we all agree on...well...anything, really. Unless, we're talking Zombies. And if you're into Zombies? ...more

15 Things You Never Say to a Perimenopausal Woman

Being a mom is hard. Being an older mom is...uhhhhhhhh...excuse me for a moment...HEY! DID I NOT JUST SAY THE DISHWASHER IS DIRTY?!? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: I Spy

this time, she didn't need help reaching the "bee-knock-eeyores" Linky Love Bytes: Wordless Wednesday HQ Follow my blog with Bloglovin ©2003 -2014 This Full House with a fan page on Facebook, a way for you to subscribe to receive This Full House blog post by Email and everything! ...more

Sauder Experience: Evolution of a Shared Workspace

I'm very proud to partner with the good folks at Sauder, a manufacturer of affordable furniture you assemble yourself, and participate in the Sauder challenge: to share our experience(s) with Sauder and, hopefully, inspire other families (like mine) who have very little extra and literally, no room, or time to spare. I've been writing online for 11 years -- my first blog post went live on September 2, 2003 -- which is like forever ago, in the evolution of the blogging community. Today, I enjoy working to help others find online publishing opportunities and, hopefully, help further their blogging endeavors,.. ....more

Cape Cod or Bust[ed] Arm!

I used to be an excellent planner. Also, very, very organized and a bit of clean freak...with borderline germaphobe tendencies...especially during the holidays or whenever we'd have company over. Seriously, my husband's favorite parlor trick was to take a glass from off of a coaster, slide it onto the living room table and then countdown...5...4...3...2.. ....more

So, you've got a kid "not" going to college - me too!

One of the many things I love about blogging, that really hasn't changed in the last eleventy years, is it gives parents (like me) an opportunity to revisit a moment...that may otherwise have drifted off in the ebb and flow of nurturing a family...or a much simpler time...lost among the trials and tribulations that go along with raising teens...because TEENS! Now, we have Facebook. So, it's sort of fun to be able to reconnect with childhood friends, seeing our kids all grown up and moving onto college **sniff-sniff** how in the heck did THAT happen, because in my mind, we're.. ....more

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to sell my twin brother, in kindergarten?!?!

It was the first day of kindergarten. My grandmother dropped us off at the front door and I still remember my begging her to take me back home with her. It's not like the school would miss me, there were tons of other kids waiting in line AND none of them had a twin I do ....more

Outing (and then dousing) my social media-shy husband for the #IceBucketChallenge!

Many of you already know my husband, Garth (not his real name) does NOT allow me to use his real name, let alone post pictures of him, here on my blog. Aaaaaand, especially for new friends visiting with us for the first time, here's why: because living with a professional dork is hard, yo. Tagging him on Facebook? ...more