How do I get listed as coming to the conference

My mug was in the list and now its gone :( ...more

I may just dont recognize who I am :D

liza sabater
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So are there going to be birds of a feather tables?

How are these being organized? ...more

Yup. That's it.

Elisa Camahort
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Justice 4 Two Sisters

You may have already heard about the two African American women who were hired to dance at a party for the mostly white Duke University lacrosse team but who were allegedly raped and racially terrorized. Justice 4 Two Sisters was created by Song4Assata to keep as an information hub and activism vehicle. ...more

Even The Goddess gets the blogger blues

Morgaine Swann over at The Goddess is having a double whammy not just blogger blues but also activist fatigue. [via The-Goddess]: ...more

Here's the real link to my 'serious' ...more

Help me overcome the blogger trixies

I know, I know ... I ought to be reporting instead of venting ... but I'm a blogger, so what the heck. I've been absent due to a bit of travelling I did for about a month and a half. I've also been away because my main site, culturekitchen has been misbehaving badly. When I migrated from a blog engine to a community engine, I thought traffic would go up but it hasn't happened. My traffic has actually gone down. URGH! ...more

Is this blog history in the making? I am 1 of 24 bloggers invited by to visit Amsterdam

So nobody has reported on this? I might as well give ourselves a plug. The good people at BlogAds contacted at the end of January to let me know that was interested in inviting bloggers to an all expenses paid vacation to Amsterdam ... no blogging required. ...more

This is something I am going to be coming back, this "transparency" meme. On the one hand, I ...more

Scarleteen Fever

The best things about keeping your blog's own metrics with services like Sitemeter and StatsCounter is the referrers. I love to go through my referrers to see who is linking to me. I have more than once stumbled upon a great site and that's what happened to me this week, with the discovery of Scarleteen, a site chock-o-full of grrrl power that is dedicated to "sex education for the real world": ...more

If there were a prize for most screen real estate occupied by a signature, I think liza's won. ...more

Liza Sabater reporting for duty

Hi peeps! Liza Sabaterhere, from culturekitchen, The Daily Gotham and BlogSheroes : The feminist bloggers network. I will be one of your editors handling Politics and News. Please use my contact form to send me any tips or requests for a blog review. That's pretty much what I will be doing here at least 3 times a month. ...more

Hi Liza - I like the "reporting for duty" in your post title. :D ;)

Looking forward to your ...more