BlogHer 11: It's About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin, Mamacita, in Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference (a conference by women bloggers for women bloggers, started in 2005) you have missed something.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more

Going to A BlogHer Conference is About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin In Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference  you have missed something important to you as a blogger and a woman.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more
Meeting Liz was definitely a highlight of the conference. I've admired and loved her for so ...more

BlogHer 11: A Missed Opportunity: Women in Skepticism

There was no public skeptical presence at the BlogHer11 conference, a gathering of 3,600 women (and a few men) bloggers. This was a missed opportunity.I missed the boat in several ways. ...more

April 16, 2011: A Day of Inspiration for Students with Learning & Attentional Difficulties & Their Parents and Educators

Liz DitzBlog: I Speak of Dreams Twitter @lizditzEdRev 2011 will take place on April 16 at AT&T Park in San Francisco.Eight workshops:...more

Attention Northern California Autism Parents, Caregivers, Teachers: Stanford Autism Update April 2

Liz DitzI Speak of Dreams Academic Remediation The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism ...more

Signed up for BlogHer 11

Liz Ditz I Speak of Dreams Academic Remediation lizditz@gmail.comSo I've purchased my conference ticket and reserved a room.One of the things I would like to do at the conference is to meet up with(a) parents of kids who are in special education or have a 504 plan.  Goal: information exchange.(b) Teachers or administrators in k-12 schools. Goal: information exchange.Feel free to email me or leave a message here....more

Fox News' Appalling Smear--Every Woman Should Be Offended

On Wednesday, June 11, Fox news ran a text tag (a "chyron") referring to Michelle Obama as "Obama's Baby Mama" during an opinion piece by Michelle Malkin.   ...more

I think the FOX News staff and contributors don't care about Michelle Obama, her daughters, ...more

Are We Graduating A Generation of Children Completely Ignorant of History? And What Does It Mean for Democracy?

Evan Thomas (journalist and author) gave a provocative presentation on the historical ignorance of today's college students at the American Historical Association's Annual Meeting. Go to this link at YouTube to watch the video and then come back. Some of Thomas's observations: ...more

The Jury Duty Phishing Scam Is Experiencing An Upsurge

A phishing scam, using the telephone, is making the rounds in some quarters. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summons for jury duty seriously, so are perhaps less likely to have our scam detectors turned to high gain in this scenario: The caller claims to be a jury coordinator, and says that you have failed to show up for jury duty and an arrest warrant is about to be filed. ...more

Would You Ask Your Doctor To Lie For You?

Some parents in New York City felt it was fine to ask their doctor to lie about their childrens' immunization status. The doctor had no problem lying either. Would you trust a pediatrician like that? Would you ask your doctor to lie for you? Under what conditions? New York Post: Doctor Fesses Up ...more