When Sex Can Trash the Self

A woman I know told me that when she first had sex and lost her virginity, she felt she had been run over by a Mack truck. She felt it took her years to recover from it. But because of her mental conditioning, she thought that that was supposed to happen. That somehow her self esteem was supposed to diminish. She was thrown off her path for years just by having teenage sex with a man who didn’t care about her, and with men afterwards who did not esteem her at all. They thought of her as someone fluffy, disposable, not to be taken seriously. They did not see her as powerful....more

From V-Day to the CEO Part of the Brain

n my book, Independence Ring: Rock the Female Revolution, I summarize wise teachings I gleaned from a Buddhist teacher many years ago.  Women are innately more powerful than men, he said, because of their ability to conduct life force and transmute energy more rapidly.  Threatened by the power of women, men over the past millennia have tried to suppress that power in every way, to the point t...more

V-Day Dancing with the Stars -- All Women

Just came back from my second rehearsal of the flashmob dance for #1BillionRising on V -Day, February 14.  Here in the San Francisco area, the flashmob will happen on the plaza in front of City Hall, and the event is sponsored by the Mayor of San Francisco.  City-wide involvement in an event to end violence against women and support the well being of women is remarkable enough, but these dance rehearsals are a world of joy unto themselves. ...more

Roe vs. Wade as a Global Imperative

The right for a woman to choose whether or not to give birth and to have access to safe, legal abortion services is not only a human right but a global imperative.  As reported in the Stanford [University] News recently, Stanford biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich maintain that global civilization is moving toward a collapse. ...more

Jennifer Lawrence and Vanity Fair Sexism

Vanity Fair Magazine has proclaimed Jennifer Lawrence the most desirable woman in the world.  I hope Jennifer is annoyed about it.  She is definitely the hot actress of the moment, but she is also smart, brainy, self-confident, outspoken and funny.  On the Vanity Fair cover she holds a little white daisy.  It doesn't fit.  The person does not fit the title and the title does not match the image. ...more

Women of India -- Lead in Achieving Balance

In an interview on CNN, Erin Burnett spoke with Fareed Zakaria about the international coverage of a gang rape in India, and the national outrage that the rape has sparked.  Both the coverage and the outrage, while fully merited, are unusual.  Zakaria made some interesting points about it. ...more

Resolved: MORE Feminist Success in 2013

2012 was a watershed year for women.  Awareness grew about the prejudice and repression of women around the globe.  Women around the world reached new victories and landmarks.  Social media served as the broadcast medium for change.  Hardly a day passed on Twitter that I did not feel inspired, motivated and impressed by the strides and new realizatio ...more

The Female Definition of Power

Recently, an article posted on CNN ran with the headline, "Female Senators Say They'd Already Have the Fiscal Cliff Solved." There was near unanimity among the female Senators today that they’d be able to broker a deal faster themselves.  “What I find is with all due deference to our male colleagues,is that women’s styles tend to be more collaborative,” Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, said. ...more

Things Got Switched

Why am I passionate about women’s causes?  I have been taught/have observed that women have an innate ability to deal with power, that it is their birthright to be powerful.  I believe that for women not to become powerful in their chosen field in any given lifetime suppresses the potential of both men and women.  I believe that the history of the suppression of the power of women has led to the current state of warfare, imbalance and poverty on the Earth. ...more

A Violent World

12-14-12Today 20 schoolchildren and seven school administrators at the  Sandy Hook School in Connecticut were shot to death by a teenage gunman.  A few days ago, a shooting in a mall killed "ONLY" two nice, innocent people because the gunman's gun jammed, thus countless others were saved.  We know of many other violent incidents that are senseless, happening with no apparent reason other than the perpetrator snapped, lost their mind, became consumed in anger and violence, grabbed a massive weapon and took out their delusion and rage in the form of mass killings....more