Stick Figure Adventures in Pregnant Urination

Liz C., you know I have no shame. Today, I prove it to the world.You see, I have reached a point in this pregnancy when things get complicated. Normal things that normal ladies are supposed to be able to do easily and without fuss become Olympics-worthy challenges of stamina and fortitude.This morning, I am specifically talking about going pee. At a whopping 21 weeks gestation, this little bun has the power to ninja-kick my bladder into believing that I need to go pee approximately every 2 minutes. Maybe 4.5 minutes, if I'm really lucky....more

A Penny Saved, a Date Night Lost: Lessons from the Trampoline

"Hello?" "Hi, Liz, it's [parent of sleepover's birthday girl]. So, I'm calling because the kids were playing outside and [Miss Plum] evidently has swallowed a penny." "...she...what?" ...more
@whatacrock PS, I think anytime our kids swallow something they shouldn't have, that's a big ...more