Expunging The Worries

Worrying is just a fact of life for me. It’s like my job, it’s what I do. Last week I even had a trip to the ER for the start of an ulcer thanks to all the worrying I do. I worry well and hard. I do my job well. I worry about everything. Will we have a home next month (even though realistically I know we will)? Will we have food? Will we have clothing for the winter? Will we be able to pay our bills (especially since I have no income) and keep the wolves at bay? Will Scott love me even when I have a few bad days in a row?...more

Tummyaches - My Frankentummy Breaks Down

I spent the entire day Tuesday in the emergency room.  I don't so much have a problem with that because, I mean, I did call my PCP complaining of a weird pain in my upper abdomen that felt like something was stuck and I DO have a gastric bypass...so it could have been any number of things....more

Don't Forget The Happy

It's easy to write a blog post about those things that make me unhappy...and Lord knows I have written a lot of those lately.  But what about those things that make me happy?  I know it shouldn't be that hard so why don't I write more about them?  Tonight I plan to do just that. Sometimes when I am in the abyss it's hard to think of anything that would make me really HAPPY.  I mean what IS happiness anyway?  But the reality is I know what happiness is....more

The Happy Migraineur: Homemade Ice Packs!

My migraines, as I have said before, are epic.  They are triggered by weather, hormones, food, wine, stress...life....more

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name: My Affair With Porcelana

I have two dark spots on my face. I probably should get them taken off but sigh, I have done that in the past and really, they are just two spots. So I have decided to use The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name - Porcelana.Oh yes. THAT Porcelana....more

Fireside Chat With The Autism Mom: My Boy Is A Lightweight And I Am So Proud!

I just made Evan weigh himself. The last time he was officially weighed was at the doctor's office back in April. He weighed over 200 lbs then...I think 203. Today, with Scott's verification, he weighs in at a no-too-shabby 178!Now, I do recognize there's a difference in the weights of the doctor's scale and ours so I'll just crow that The Boy has lost approximately 20 lbs since our doctor's visit! That's pretty impressive if I do say so!...more

My Life As A Headcase: Insomnia (Or While My Pillow Gently Mocks)

I swear I have the sleeping habits of a wacked out 2 year old.  I go to bed and sleep a LEETLE bit and then wake up and realise no one ELSE is awake so I panic a little which makes me get even more awake than I was and then I am up for good....more

Life As A Headcase: Please Call For Help

I am really sorry that my last post scared people but I appreciate the concern you all showed.  Yes, it WAS a bad situation but not to worry...I have very qualified and competent professionals who care and who DID care for and about me....more

Life As A Headcase: I Can Feel The BPD Getting Ready to Blow

I figured I'd call this series "Life As a Head Case," not so much to say I am a wackjob (although, technically, I guess I am) but more or less to push past that and to acknowledge that I do have mental health issues, accept them and don't let it define me...even though it appears to. Reverse psychology maybe?Whatever.  It works for me....more

Fireside Chat With The Autism Mom: Life After The Autism Waiver

My son, Evan, is 21. We were out of the country immediately after his graduation from high school which was an incredible experience. I have to tell you, Israel is DA BOMB for autism services. There are services for babies, little kids, big kids and adults. TONS OF SERVICES! So many services that they apologize to you for not being able to get your kid into a group home (if they so choose) for 6 months to a year....more
Thanks so much for your comment!!!  You are so right about other cultures and learning about ...more