Striking a Pose


Weekly Reading 8-12-12

Rough day today...sent Elfe to bed two hours earlier than usual, and I'm going to join her's a little reading before I go... ...more

Book Lover


Weekly Reading 8-5-12

Weekly reading, Olympics version... From Racialicious, On the Olympics & Being Indigenous. ...more

Celebrity Chef


Weekly Reading List 7-29-12

So, now that I suddenly have all this extra free time on my hands, I guess I'll get back to posting a weekly reading list... From The Adoption Counselor:  A new model of family (and thanks to AdoptionTalk for the link) ...more

At Last...

Those of you who've been around for awhile know that from time to time I allude to unbloggable stuff...over time I've told several people privately what I mean when I use the code word "unbloggable," and I've been amused to find out what people thought I meant before I told them.  When I finally met S. in person back in April, for example, she told me that she had been imagining all sorts of juicy scenarios every time I mentioned ...more

Buy Barefoot Books, Build Schools in Ethiopia

Yes, I'm back again - two days in a row! But today, I'm only here to tell you to go over here - where you will find all the details of how you can buy Barefoot Books and help build schools in Ethiopia as part of Tesfa's 5x3 initiative. ...more

Reading List 6-3-12

I'm thinking about coming back to blogging. I've got two or three things I want to say, opinions and commentaries that have been swirling around in my head lately, stuff that seems best suited for a blog post. I miss this. So, I'm testing the waters a bit...starting with something easy - a reading list. Let's see how it goes. From CNN:  African adoption should be discouraged "at all costs", group says. ...more

Go Barefoot with Me...

Hello there!  Just popping in here very quickly to send you over to my other blog for a couple of posts that I want lots of people to see... ...first, I'm giving away a $25 Barefoot Books gift card this month.... ...and second, I would love it if you joined my team as a Barefoot Books Ambassador! ...more