Cocoa Fudge Cake #PartyLikeAMadMan #Giveaway

There’s nothing more comforting than an old fashioned Cocoa Fudge Cake topped with creamy chocolate icing. SO easy to make (and eat)! Classic Fudge Cake From a Betty Crocker recipe first published in 1965, this dreamy chocolate cake is the kind of dessert we zeroed in...more

Strawberry Fool #SundaySupper

Any April Fool’s jokes will be forgiven if you feed your family this delightful Strawberry Fool for dessert. April Fool’s Day Instead of making meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes that looks like cupcakes or some other food trickery for April Fool’s Day, I took my contribution to this Sunday Supper event in another, more literal, direction. I’d heard my mother-in-law talk about “fools, ” meaning a dessert made of berries mixed into whipped cream, a dessert that dates way back to 16th century England ....more

Next Day Beef Salad #OXOSpringCleaning

Dorie Greenspan provided the marvelous recipe for Next Day Beef Salad utilizing the night before’s leftovers, and OXO furnished...more

Tagalong Dip #ChocPBDay

Who can resist a luscious creamy peanut butter and chocolate treat? This spectacular Tagalong dip mimics the classic flavors of the famous Girl Scout cookies! Sweets for My Book Club I love when my fondness for reading and cooking coincide ....more

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars #BakingwithDorie

Three layers of sweet decadence form...more

Best Baking Tips

These are my Best Baking Tips from decades of making sweet treats in my kitchen. Berry Topped Chocolate Silk General Baking Tips Have your eggs at room temperature. You can hurry this along by setting them in a bowl of very hot tap water ....more

Berry Shortcakes #SundaySupper

Sweetened biscuits topped with juicy ripe berries and a dollop of whipped cream make these Berry Shortcakes one of my family’s favorite desserts. A Spring Fling Since Spring has finally arrived, the Sunday Supper crew is celebrating the food of the season. As my devoted followers know, I have a little obsession with berries ....more

Côte d’Azur Cure-All-Soup #FrenchFridayswithDorie

Who doesn’t need a remedy for a wicked cold or a hangover every now and then? Dorie’s...more

Veal Marengo #FrenchFridayswithDorie

Veal Marengo is a classic, delectable French dish made with veal, tomatoes, onions and white wine. Finally a FFwD Dish for Bill Bill has fond memories of his mother roasting...more

Thin Crispy French Fries #BloggerCLUE

These Thin Crispy French Fries will rival your favorite fast food version. Pure perfection from your own kitchen. Making Thin Crispy French Fries at Home There are four basic steps to this recipe: boiling, frying, freezing and frying again ....more