Are You There Funny Parents? It's Me, Mommy.

In the 1940s, if a man got a venereal disease, it was common for him to blame it on having used a public toilet. My grandfather, in reply to this explanation, would quip, "All I can say is, that's a hell of a place to take a date."...more

Speechless Complainer: What Shakespeare has to say to people who would shut down #YesAllWomen

Speechless complainer, I will learn thy thought;In thy dumb action will I be as perfect As begging hermits in their holy prayers:Thou shalt not sigh, nor hold thy stumps toheaven,Nor wink, nor nod, nor kneel, nor make a sign, But I of these will wrest an alphabet, And by still practice learn to know thy meaning. -Titus Andronicus, William Shakespeare...more

Tutu Much, Tutu Soon: why little girls shouldn't be showered with tutus from birth!

The other day I was sitting in Central Park with my teenage cousin. We were watching my daughter play in the crispy winter leaves and another little girl and her father walked by. The other child was about my child's age and she was wearing a backpack over her jacket. Trailing from underneath her outerwear was a tutu. Sigh. Another tutu....more

Couture Clash: Tutu Soon, Too Too Much!

I was not born a ballerina. I did not emerge from the womb on pointe, nor did I wear a tutu instead of a diaper. -Gelsey Kirkland, from "Dancing on My Grave" Today I was confronted with the issue of tiny tutus once more. My two and a half year old is in a pre-ballet class. Does this seem a contradiction to my passionate dislike of tutus for young girls? I don't think so....more

Six Subversive Story Books

My husband loves Pete The Cat. He recognizes it is not fine literature and that the "message" is a little clunky, but he doesn't care. He wants my daughter to remain calm and happy when she confronts the unexpected, and so Pete The Cat's unflappable spirit in the face of dirty shoes pleases my husband, who is much gentler and more forgiving than I. ...more

Mom's Wedding Date

I chose the pretty pharmacy on Columbus to select my wares. My mother was going to a wedding and she needed some cosmetics. I was by myself and I wanted to take the extra ten minutes to choose the right blush and eyeliner and just the right shade of lipstick....more

What Happens in the Dark?

My daughter and I were playing this morning. We weren't using any electricity other than some lights and of course the heat coming from the pipes on this cold winter's day. We were reading the poem "Thanksgiving Day." (Over the river and through the woods, to Grandfather's house we go...) We weren't engaging as actively with electricity as we sometimes are, such as when we sing and dance with The Wiggles or to Singing In The Rain to pass the hours when it's too cold to venture out....more

A Nanny Recovers From PTSD

Don't make a quick judgement, I told myself as we rode the elevator to my daughter's dance class this morning. We were sharing the ride with another mother and her little girl. She had lots of bows and a pink chiffon sweater to match her pink chiffon hair bows and her perfect pigtails. A pink chiffon skirt trailed from underneath her jacket....more

For the Rest of Your Life

My mother patted my hand as we sat in the Park Avenue neurologist's office. I was grateful, surprised and impressed that such a doctor accepted a senior's less than top-notch health insurance. That's nearly impossible to find. My mother and I had found a moment of tranquility in the turbulent storm of dementia: a prettily lit office that looked like the study of an old college professor and lacked any hint of dreary medical paraphernalia....more