Homeschool burnout

I have been noticing an unusually cold winter in most parts of the US.  That means lots of moms and kids trapped indoors dealing with illness, restlessness, boredom, and plain ole burnout, mom and kids alike....more

Make homeschool curriculum work for you

After homeschooling 19 years, I tried a lot of curriculum, as in enough to begin my own homeschooling store. When things weren’t going well in our school, I tended to browse curriculum catalogs, ask opinions on homeschool forums and e-lists, to find a solution to our then current crisis. I found this quite common during the November slump as well as during winter burnout....more

Homeschooling pride

It’s that time of year—we homeschoolers have seen it before:  winter blues, February crankies, wanna-be spring fever beating down our door… I have been like a zapped power outage for a long time, unable to function well and do the job I thought I was meant to do.  After much prayer and introspection over the last few years, I realized I was no longer carrying the yolk I was meant to.  My burden was anything but light and easy. Slowly the Lord has shown me something very ugly about myself that I have been very reluctant to uncover–This has been about my pride.  My I’...more

My journey through homeschool burnout

(my guest post on Early Years of Homeschooling     I began my homeschooling journey in 1995 with my 5 year old and a 3 year old tagging along.  I had known since college that I would home school because I wrote my final research paper on this very subject.  I was fascinated at the family bonding and the amount of time children had to learn and be kids.  At the beginning of my journey, I homeschooled for social and academic reasons.  As I continued on, I discovered another reason I wanted to home school, religious rea...more

The "perfect" homeschool family recipe

What began as a simple recipe for parenting, quickly turned into a complex formula that the most talented chef couldn’t produce.  First, I started with an innocent baby and mixed in attachment parenting.  Next, I creamed in gentle discipline methods to create a peaceful child.  Like a pro, I blended in natural medicine while avoiding vaccines, organic food free of preservatives, and I tossed the TV aside.  Like a proficient pastry cook, I whipped up homeschooling with all of my other ingredients , planning all of my lessons like an expert....more