Why I 'Want' to Go Green

I want to go green but then it comes time to fix dinner and the paper plates are just easier. We're so NOT a green family. We use way too much water, paper, electricity, etc. But, I really do want to do better- and not just 'cuz it's the thing right now. ...more

Frustrated Mom Seeking Advice

I'm hoping that some of you adoptive moms out there can help me out. We adopted 2 children in February.  They are 9 and 6 years old.  The oldest one, M, is a girl.  ...more

Wanted: Creative Fund-Raising Ideas

I'm hoping to tap into this massive resource of creative minds!  We need to do some fund-raising and I want it to be fun and innovative and inspiring. ...more

I must admit- I don't think I get it yet

I'm just trying to get this blogher thing figured out.  This is my 'introduction.' We're in process to adopt from Haiti for the 2nd time.  The first time was completed in February of this year when we brought home 2 children.  Recently we found out their sister is also available- so here we go again! I love to read about others' adoption journeys!  You can read our entire adoption story- so far- on my blog. Blessings... ...more

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