Pearls Are a Woman's Best Friend

While I never much thought about fancy things before, I went from wearer of cotton and beads to lover of lace and crystal as soon as that rock rounded my finger. Pearls, especially, I've been particularly drawn to. Gone are the days when wearing pearls was reserved for tea parties and playing dress up....more
I love pearls. I would never say an inanimate thing was a friend of mine, but I certainly enjoy ...more

Another Substitute for Pasta

I'm not a noodle hater by any means. You gotta put Sunday Sauce on something, right? And spaghetti is my favorite. Unfortunately, pasta isn't exactly a conquering hero for the department nutrition. But I fret not. Finally after all these years of twirling my fork full of empty carbs, I found a healthier substitute that meets my fancy....more

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic, That is the Question

In today's society, shopping for food is anything but easy. If we're lucky enough to fight our way through the processed food section of the grocery store and reach the shining light of the produce department, we're still faced with that grueling or non-organic? We all know that organic is the healthier way to go. We also all know that it's more expensive. What's a health-food nut to do?...more

A Day with the Dandelions

The greens that is. Who knew these pesky lawn weeds could be added to any recipe calling for a leafy green. They're a little on the bitter side so be prepared, but cooking them takes some of that edge off. Rich in vitamins like A and K, I'd think twice before chopping them up with your lawnmower blades. Actually, I wouldn't recommend eating anything that grows on your front lawn, unless you know for sure it hasn't been tainted with chemical fertilizers. Luckily, you can find dandelion greens at health food stores and farmer's markets....more

The Mother of Whole Grains

While giving a look around the internet for some healthy starch choices, I happened upon the website for the Whole Grains Council. Man, there's a council for everything.  Anyway. The folks over at WGC have come up with the "grain of the month" and for March it's quinoa.  Clap clap clap.  Congratulations to the mother of all grains! (That's what the ancient Incas called it.)  ...more

Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms keep finding their way into my recipes lately. Maybe my body instinctively knows that they're a good source of nutrients like potassium, selenium, and vitamin B. More likely it's just because I dig their earthy flavor. Whatever the reason, I'm happy when there's fungus on my plate!...more

Food Rules!

I just finished reading Michael Pollan's new book Food Rules: An Eater's Manual. You must buy this book and read it! It's fabulous and takes less than an hour to finish.  ...more

Zen Reflections

There's a zen calender on the front desk at The Healing Sanctuary.  Most days I find the time to read these little quotations of enlightenment.  Some day's there are too long or far out there to contemplate at work, but today's sparked a moment and I feel it's worth sharing. ...more

My Favorite Pantry Staple

I can't believe that I haven't mentioned this before but Pacific Natural Foods Organic Creamy Tomato Soup is my favorite pantry staple. It's good on its own for a quick lunch or post sledding snack but I prefer to add leftovers to create a hearty meal!...more

Lazy Daze Got Me Down

I've been such a lazy blogger this week. Actually, I've been somewhat of a lazy everything. I've spent so much energy playing nurse to The All-Star and staying ahead of the house-hold chores, I haven't had much left to "focus on my path." I'm making sure we eat right. That's a must, especially when healing is concerned. But the one thing I haven't been very good about is exercise. I'm learning that even the slightest tread off course in this department gets me wacky. Time is get back on it!...more