Robin Williams & Mental Health

I write this at 8pm on Tuesday evening today I was going to post the results of my juice detox but this just seemed more pressing. At 5am this morning I was woken by my phone and as is habit I checked facebook only to see my Dad had posted "RIP Robin Williams" What? Surely not? But the more I scrolled through and after a quick check of BBC news it was confirmed. Robin Williams had died of a suspected suicide. ...more

Travel Tips- Packing

Tops Tips for Travel- Flying

Hello beautiesI can't believe it's been nearly a month since I got back from America and now Andy is off for the month on Sunday (I'm obviously not going to mope...) so it's got me thinking about what my top travel tips are. ...more

The BEST Portobello Mushroom burgers

Hi beautiesSo one of the best things about America was the food! Pretty early on to being here we went to Saul Good and had the most amazing Portobello mushroom burgers. ...more

American Adventure- Highlights

Happy Fourth of July Y'all I am still jet lagged and working from 11.30 pm tonight. Bleugh.. I'm also nervously waiting for my results to come in from uni. EEEK....more

Things America Does Differently According to a Brit.

Hi BeautiesSo I have just two days left in America.. my flight is 6pm tomorrow night! Wahhhh. In the past 3 weeks I've noticed a few different things when I compare America to England, this is not to say one option is better than the other! They're just observations:...more

American Adventure- World Records & Wine

So on Monday, after 5 full days in Wilmington we headed back to Lexington. This post might be quite short. The very first bit of the trip was brilliant, after that it got a little tough and not that much fun!...more

My American Adventure- Wilmington, North Carolina

Hi Beauties(A special shout out to Emily who says i'm "precious" online and in real life) Hope you're doing well.So we left Wilmington yesterday and I decided to write about my highlights of the trip....more