An Open Letter to Klout

Dear Klout and the data gurus behind the "much improved" algorithm,I remember back when you first hit the social media scene. We bloggers and heavy social media users flocked to your site, signing up for an account and linking our Facebook profiles. We wondered what our score be. How will we stack up against one another? What did we need to do to improve our Klout?Click to read about my personal case in point with regard to Klout's inaccuracy....more

Why Adding your Location is Important for your Blog & Social Media Profiles

There’s been a growing trend in recent years to “go local” for purchases like fresh produce, clothing, gifts and more.Along with the trend to buy locally, it has become increasingly important for bloggers and small business owners to include a location on their sites and social media profiles. Doing so can make a big difference in maximizing your growth potential and promotional efforts....more

10 Tips for a New Blogger

If a real life friend approached me and said, “I want to start a blog. Can you give me a list of helpful tips?“, these are the 10 pieces of advice I'd give.In no particular order...1. Purchase your own domain. It shows that you are serious. It aids in reader recall. It only costs around $10 a year. Even free platforms like Blogger and allow you to use your own domain, and Blogger makes it super easy to purchase one through your Blogger dashboard (Blogger even handles the redirection for you!)...more

Why "Potty Training" is a Misnomer

I’m currently in the throes (kinda) of potty training my second child. I have found potty training to be a pseudo-hot topic among moms. Not at the level of breast-vs-bottle or co-sleeping, but most seem to have strong opinions about it.To give you an idea of where I stand on the “How to Potty Train a Child” spectrum, here are my general beliefs:...more
I always say, "If it works, then it's right". I potty trained both my kids in 2 days, no ...more

Preparing Yourself (and Your Blog) for a Conference

Attending a blog conference is an ideal opportunity to both learn a lot and network a lot in just a few days’ time. Many bloggers feel fortunate if they can attend one event a year, and some are lucky enough to attend several.Most blog conferences are 2 or 3 days long, and require some planning and prep work in order to keep things running smoothly for your blog while you’re busy learning and networking, as well as make the most of your conference experience....more

How Twitter is Like First Base

A blog friend left me a comment on my Everybody’s Favorite Comfort Food post that really got me thinking…“I say Twitter is the first base of virtual relationships. Facebook is 2nd base. A phone call or text is 3rd base. And meeting in person is going ALL THE WAY.”...more

Blogging Pet Peeve (& How to Fix It)

After ensuring you have removed Captcha from your commenting system and have your Blogger profile filled out (so as not to leave No-Reply comments at Blogger blogs), my biggest blog pet peeve is a link that opens in the current window I’m viewing.You guys know what I mean.You click the link for an article referenced in the post you’re reading, and the site you were looking at is instantly transformed into the referenced article....more

How to Make the Most of your Twitter Page, Part II

Personal conflict over my own Twitter page is what led me to writing these posts (click to read “How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Page, Part I“). You see, I knew my description needed some updating, and my background and colors didn’t reflect the newly redesigned look of my blog.Your Twitter profile page is an extension of your blog, so now that I had a new blog look, I needed an updated Twitter page, too....more

How to Make the Most of your Twitter Page, Part I

If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time, chances are you have migrated from using to a Twitter management tool like TweetDeck, HootSuite, etc. For me, TweetDeck has made all the difference in the world, and was integral for me to fully utilize (and fall in love with) tweeting. But just when you think you have little or no use for anymore, think again. Your profile there can actually have a big impact on your social reach, blogging and overall brand....more

If Google is God, Apple is Jesus

It isn't long after entering the realm of blogging and social media that one becomes acutely aware of the power of Google.-Google is far and away the most commonly used search engine. -Google dangles its top secret algorithm, almost tauntingly so, at big business and SEO gurus alike. -With a click of a mouse, Google can knock out major players like JCPenneys for not playing by the rules.And if that isn't enough? Don't forget that "Google" has become a verb....more

Way to get on BlogHer! And with the awesome Mac/PC post, no less. ;)

NotJustAnotherJennifer ...more