Am I Lucky?

I've seen this graphic shared a few times over the last few days. It resonated with me a great deal. I spent far too long trying to shoehorn myself into a life that was practical but not very nourishing and I suffered for it ....more

Happy Anniversary, Life in 120 Square Feet!

5 years ago today, on St. Patrick's Day, I started this tiny house blog....more

Conferences A-GoGo

I am super excited about the upcoming Tiny House Conference. Matt and I spoke at the first event in Charlotte last April. It was pretty amazing ....more

My Job and My Tiny Life

We're in this middle of this amazing trip. I feel so fortunate to have these opportunities. People keep asking me how I started working for myself and how I got to this point in my life ....more

Lifecation Part One: St. Augustine

There was a time when this blog cataloged the things we were doing as we built the tiny house. Not only would I write about the construction but also the adventures we would have while we were building. I want to do that again ....more

Location Independence and the Tiny House

London Trip, October 2014 Here's something you might not know. When Matt and I discovered tiny homes we were already working hard to become location independent. What is location independence?...more

Tiny House Survey

February means its time for the 2015 Tiny House Survey. It will collect data on people who live in and are building tiny homes to be able to provide real numbers and details about this movement. The survey is anonymous so you can feel perfectly comfortable participating ....more

Packing a Nissan Juke for 1 Month Away From Home

We use to travel in our Honda Element. That car is like a storage unit on wheels. There is nothing you can't fit in an Element ....more

What Would You Do Differently?

"Is there anything you would change about your tiny house?" Back in 2012 when I first moved into my tiny house I would get defensive whenever anyone would ask me this question. I felt that it kind of missed the point. I built this house with my own hands and it was the culmination of years of preparation and hard work and to think I would do anything different came across as insulting ....more

Small is Beautiful Presentation Featuring Life in 120 Square Feet

If you're in the Asheville area, check out this presentation at the Katuah Market on Thursday, January 29th. Matt and I will be talking about what it is like to live in a tiny home ....more