Life in 120 Square Feet Featured in Our State Magazine

Our State Magazine right here in North Carolina just published their December issue. And there, tucked away on page 30 is a sweet little feature of my tiny house with amazing photographs of the house (and the people who live there). I am really happy with this particular article ....more

Tiny House Terror: The Story of My First Night Alone

I wrapped my cable knit sweater tighter around me and sipped at my locally pressed fresh apple cider. Calico leaves of every fall color blanketed the forest floor and crunched under my feet. ...more

What We Did on our British Vacation

Much like Ryan Mitchell of the Tiny Life, one of the best benefits of our lifestyle is the ability to travel. Our expenses are low so we can save money to go toward experiences, we don't accumulate much stuff, and we both work jobs that can be location independent. This means if we wanted to we could pack up for months at a time ....more

Introducing Asheville Small Home Advocacy Committee

More big news from Life in 120 Square Feet! Over the last several months Matt and I have been working with several local tiny house enthusiasts and builders to launch a project to make tiny homes more legally viable in the city of Asheville. Asheville SHAC is a group of dedicated volunteers working together and with the city and Buncombe County to make micro homes a viable solution for affordable housing, urban density, and walkability of the city and surrounding areas ....more

The Continuing Adventures of Life Outside 120 Square Feet

It has recently occured to me that my blog title is somewhat inaccurate. I'm not going to change it or anything - it is part of my "brand" and ultimately the most important part of my journey. But building a house with my own hands and living in it has given me so many opportunities outside of the 120 square foot space that it doesn't adequately describe what my life is like ....more

Tiny House Giant Journey's Trip to 120 Squre Feet

Earlier this summer, Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey was in Asheville, NC to host a workshop for Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. We met him at Bar of Soap on Friday night after I got off shift and had a couple beers. He invited Matt and me to the workshop the next day to tell a little bit about our story and answer some questions ....more

Where is Laura of Life in 120 Square Feet?

Hello 120 Square Feet readers. I wanted to pop in and let you all know that I am alive and plan to get back this blog very soon. However, just because I live in a tiny house doesn't always mean that life is always sunshine and rainbows ....more

On September 6th

On September 6th and 7th Matt and I will be speaking at the Raleigh Home Show. We will be speaking about what it is like to live in a tiny house and when we're not speaking we'll be at a table to talk with people and sell my book 120 Ideas for Tiny Living. Also in attendance will be Teal and Gerry of Wishbone Tiny Homes ....more

3 Questions a Tiny House Can Answer, and One it Can't

The "Tiny House Community" was largely non-existent when we started building our house in 2009. We could only reach out to a handful of people doing the same thing, some of whom have since fallen off the radar. Over the last few years the concept has spread like wildfire and has been popularized by an amazing documentary as well as some reality television shows ....more

Camping Festival 2014

I just got back from the annual camping festival in Minnesota that Matt and I take with our friend Cara Schulz, of Martinis and Marshmallows, and a host of other friends. The flexibility of my tiny house life is what affords me the ability to take trips like this throughout the year. It is very special to me and important ....more