Why The Tiny House Movement Isn't a Failure

Over the last month or so several opinion articles have been published on the interwebs that describe the failings of the Tiny House Movement. There was this one that suggested that tiny houses were actually a nightmare. Practically a pox on the American landscape ....more

Lessons from 5 years Ago

On this day, in 2011, Atlanta saw the first flakes of snow that would become and epic Icepocalypse. It wasn't the first blizzard Atlanta had ever seen, and it wasn't even the last one. There will be more ....more

2015: A Tiny House Year in Review

Every year I like to take a quick look at what I was up to and consider some ideas for the New Year. Here is this year's recap. In January, I had a great conversation with a friend who suggested the best way to remember things every year ....more

I'm an Expert!

Expert? Recently, I was contacted by PDH Contractor Academy and interviewed as part of their Expert Interview Program. While I did inform them that I was less an expert and more an amateur with a blog, they were still interested in hearing the story of how our tiny house came to be ....more

Goodbye, Element

I've written before about the things I couldn't live without in my tiny house and the tools that were most important while we were building. One of our first trips after buying the land....more

Gnomes for Everyone!

"Hahahahahah! I get it! GNOME Chomsky!" That is every conversation I've ever had with everyone who visits our tiny house for the first time ....more

That Time We Accidentally Bought a Bungalow

It wasn't a complete surprise, but it hadn't necessarily been on our radar. Our tiny home, up on the mountain with no road and no running water, wasn't designed particularly for the winter. Not to say we couldn't stay there in the winter but the plan had always been to travel during that time of year ....more

Tiny Homes and No Kids

I started writing this post in early August and then shelved it. But tomorrow I leave for the first ever conference for women without children. And, oh yeah, I am the co-administrator of the conference ....more

Tiny House Changes in the Air and the Future

This seems like a good post for the first day of fall!...more

Asheville Housing Fair September 19th

Are you in Asheville? If so, I highly recommend that you swing by the Asheville Housing Fair on Saturday, September 19th from 10am to 2pm. It's free! ...more