Travel Planning Step 2.1: Walls are a nice touch

Time to tackle laying out your trip. It’s easier if there are two of you at this point if only because it means you will both have headaches when you go to bed. In our house, because he is good at math, micromanaging and optimistic about making connection times, Mr. Mark is in charge of the transportation....more

His Best Gift

The routine for business trips with my dearest is during the day he goes off to do whatever it is he does and I wander the streets without a chaperone. In Toronto this means navigating through the heart of Bay street on the way to the real world. Tailored suits, really shiny shoes and an atmosphere thick with excitement, expensive cologne and entitlement....more

It Looks bigger in the movie

It is one of those places world famous only in Victoria. The locals are always surprised when a visitor says “what?” at the mention of Fan Tan Alley.  We assume everyone knows about our hidden gem because, well, it’s just so cool. ...more

Lessons Learned this Side of the Sod #9: Change

 “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” ...more

7 old fashioned solutions to modern problem

x-post from A Sudden Alarm of DonkeysThey are the source of a lot of jokes, the seven deadly sins, the seven countering virtues and the seven dwarfs. Bah doooom bah…Take my wife please. ...more

On the way to Weigh in.

Standing in line at that coffee place where more people know the coffee than that the name came from a character in Moby Dick. Hell, if you were to survey 3/4s of the shops open at that specific time around the world, I bet I’m only 1 of 10 who’s actually read Moby Dick. “Extra hot, 4 shot grande skinny, low foam hazelnut machiatto for Ishmael?”But that’s a story for another time. ...more

Lessons learned this side of the Sod: #8 Adjustments

At 23 I could go through a night of the flu, rolled up in a house coat on the floor of the bathroom, grateful for my foresight in cleaning the toilet on the weekend.  By 5:30 after an afternoon catching up on soaps and Columbo, however, I’d be sitting up, taking nourishment. Then making a few phone calls and, by 8:30, going through the closet for something to wear to the club. ...more

Out in the Back of Beyond Baroque

 From time to time I come across a building or a place that just screams "Da Vinci IV, the mystery of the flaking fresco". These are overlooked settings for the long sagas Mr. Brown concocts: tales of conspiracy and Knights Templar and the far reaching tentacles of the Whore of Babyl….er, I mean, the Vatican....more

No one says an alcoholic has a pretty face

Last week's post on my regular blog: A Sudden Alarm of Donkeys  If someone knows a better way to cross post, please let me know.There are a lot of different diet programs out there; my body is a jiggling testament to the effectiveness of many of them....more

You know what you're getting with a Caramel.

A Box of ChocolatesEnglish Soldier...more