James Beard Food Conference 2014 Recap

Hi friends! I’m writing today from New York, where I’ve spent the past day and a half learning about food and public health at the annual James Beard Food Conference. I’ve met some of my favorite food heroes, connected with amazing folks in the food movement, and thought a lot about how we can make the American food system healthier and more equitable ....more

Food News Friday

The Week in Food This week’s round up of food news includes restaurant calorie counts, debates over school lunch...more

September in Review

I can’t believe it’s already October you guys. September was a whirlwind of a month, I guess this should be expected with the wrapping up of summer, a slew of Jewish holidays and lots of exciting plans in the works. I got this idea from Maggie over at Type and Title, and it was actually a really fun practice of taking a look at what’s been going on with myself ....more

How Does Your Vegetable Rank?

I came across this PDF from Food Day and I love this concept. Even though I think if you’re eating mostly vegetables anyway then that’s a better start than most folks. But in case you’re reallyyy curious about how vegetables “rank” I’d say check out this super condensed pdf and make sure to get those servings of fruits and veggies into your diet! ...more

Interviewing Mark Bittman, New York Times Food Writer

Did I ever tell you guys that time I interviewed Mark Bittman? You know, the same guy who started the Minimalist column, has written several books including How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. You know, super casual right? ...more

Thank God It’s Monday

Hey bellpeppers! I was planning to post a meatless Monday recipe from my semi-new Plenty cookbook (Ottolenghi can’t stop, won’t stop), but instead I wanted to offer up a bit of reflection, since today is my birthday! Birthdays are so strange ....more

Moments from the Weekend

I spent the an amazing weekend in the desert at Joshua Tree National Park with six of my fellow fellows. What an incredible weekend hiking, cooking, skill-sharing and rejuvenating in the blissful desert sun. Here are some of the moments from the weekend ....more

Food News Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been an especially busy week for me, and for food in the news. This past week I attended the annual Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) and Feeding America anti-hunger policy conference in Washington D.C. The conference had over 850 anti-hunger advocates from around the country in attendance for a 3 day snow-filled weekend ....more


Have you ever felt like there wasn’t any time during the day in between emails, phone calls, running errands, maybe chasing after your kids or doing homework, catching up with friends, and the many other things that catch our attention throughout the day- to really focus on your craft? I’ve been feeling this in full force as of late, and wishing that I didn’t need to sleep. Do you ever meet people who somehow fit so much into their day? ...more

Community Garden in South Africa

Happy Friday Everyone! I received a friendly email yesterday from Justin Rose, a student in South Africa who made this short film about community gardens and food access in his home country. The video, 12 minutes of beautiful veggies, tells the story of three individuals learning to reconnect with the land, including one who used to work as a supply chain manager for McDonalds ....more