Musings About the Murders in Newtown from a Former Gun Junkie

The Monday morning following the Sandy Hook massacre, which took place less than 30 minutes away in a town much like our own rural community of Bethany, Connecticut, my sister-in-law, Laurie, dropped her son off at Bethany Community School where three state troopers greeted them at the school entrance. My nephew, Jeremiah, had tears in his eyes as he entered the building....more

Mornings With Cesario


Animal Abuse, Michael Vick, and So Many Shades of Grey

UPDATE & questions- A 23 year old woman was arrested  in New Hampshire yesterday for the abuse ...more

The Yankee Farm Wife Turns Pro

The Yankee Farm Wife is invited to join the National Association of Professional Women, but struggles to narrow down what her job title actually is. Aquatic engineer? Recreation director? And why can't they just add the category of Yankee Farm Wife?...more

A Yankee Farm Wife's Take on the John Edwards Trial

[Editor's Note: Late Thursday, a federal judge declared a mistrial in the campaign finance fraud case against John Edwards. The 2008 presidential hopeful was accused of spending nearly one-million dollars donated by campaign benefactors to cover up his affair and child with videographer Rielle Hunter. What do you think about the verdict? One BlogHer member dishes up her take in this video below... --Grace]...more
Awesome!  A voice of reason in a crazy world!  This is , too funny for words!  Love it!  more

How Attached Must We Be?

I suppose I am getting old. As are my friends, because we read about all these new-fangled ways to raise children and we become confused. Back in our day, we had one authority, his name was Dr. Spock (nothing to do with Startrek) and we either looked to his book for guidance or we called our mothers. Now, a new mom and dad have to wade through thousands of theories, blogs, books and websites to decide their parenting method. What's a new parent to do?Well, here's some input from one Yankee farmwife, who isn't afraid to admit she has no clue but she certainly has an opinion....more

The Vagina Monologue: You Want Me to do WHAT down there??!!

Somewhere out there (actually, in India) some lunatic (had to be a man apologies to all those men I know and love) decided that the color God gave to a woman's vagina was just all wrong. Having passed the half-century mark in age, I've decided I can't keep quiet about this. OK, I can't keep quiet about much, but seriously bleach? I don't care if it is PH balanced .Ladies, JUST SAY NOOOOOOO!Click below (no pun intended) for the All Glamour All The Time Vlog ...more

A Story That We Do Laugh About Now That It's Over . . . Kinda . . .

My friend Chantal recently started to volunteer on our farm. Her life has been stressful lately, to say the least, and she has found solace and comfort in working around our animals. And I’m glad she has someone should....more

A Child Abduction and a Grandmother's Aching Heart

My grandson, Kieran Dall, now 10-years old, was abducted by his mother, Johanna Bayley, on Sept. 24, 2010, and taken to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she later married a much older, very wealthy businessman....more
I just read this. I am appalled. I am related, by blood, to both Kieran and Johanna. I have ...more