My blog is stirring the pot

So i just finished talking over the phone with Mr. all goody white boy, he has read my blog and wanted to defend himself, so it was actually a great conversation, he apologized for treating me as if i wasn't smart enough ( actually his excat words were:" we have a great physical connection, but she estimulates me mentally") , ok maybe i overreacted, but in my brain that means:" YOU'RE HOT, BUT NOT REALLY THAT BRILLIANT".   And he apologized and we actually had a great and long conversation, he also made me rethink about this whole issue with Mr. ...more

Me day

So well here i am a day after the tragedy that succumb the argentinian community, so today was ME DAY, got up had "MATE" ( some kind of argentinian tea, that's for my american friends who don't know what am i talking about), tooked a shower and went to the gym, i worked out so hard as i havn't in a long time, i mean i always do, but today more than ever it was too much for me to cope with between Mr. ...more

Single life

Well, i was just in my room watching how Argentina is loosing against Brazil, and i should be very upset, i am somehow , but on the other hand , inside of me, i'm kind of happy, since i know one particular person is going to be very upset with the argentinian lost. All this week i've been very confused and dissapointed, i keep telling to my self to listen to my inner voice, my sixth sense, the one that tells don't go out with this guy, he's a jerk off, but i keep making the same mistake , over and over again, i keep giving guys a chance to probe me wrong, and they just never do. ...more