easiest way to get to hotel?

Looking for the best/ easiest way to get to the hotel from O'Hare. Any suggestions or ideas? ...more

The cheapest shuttle I have found so far was $27.  I might just take the train and then take a ...more

It's all coming so fast, the changes, the milestones

Last week marked the beginning of the kiddo pulling himself into a standing position. Before, it was just to the knees. Now it’s standing and wobbling. A lot of wobbling. It’s funny, actually. He’ll crawl over to the couch, end table, or even his playpen, and pull himself up. And he’ll stand there for a bit, babbling and looking for things to grab or knock over. ...more

Eleven months - already?

Dear Boobah, Here we are at 11 months, just as mama turns 35. She really wanted to have a baby before 35, and we just made it. For whatever reason, this is a harder birthday for mama, much harder than 25 or 30. She thinks it feels too close to 40, and her time for making a decision about your siblings is quickly running out. She’s not sure how she feels about that. She and daddy are talking, but having you was pretty rough on mama’s health and daddy’s not sure he wants mama to risk her health again. ...more

@christine - yes! I've been trying to capture it on video and audio. I can't get enough of ...more

Motoring Gear for Kids

Motoring Gear for Kids (cross-posted from Ask Patty) ...more

getting to Westin from airport - help?

I'll be travelling with an infant in tow. What is the best way to get to the Westin from SFO? I didn't see anything on their site that indicates they have a shuttle. Any of you locals have any suggestions? ...more

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Elisa ...more

Ladies, Share Your Car-Buying Stories!

Ladies, Share Your Car-Buying Stories! Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine is exploring an article and is looking for women to share their car-buying stories as part of their research. If you're a woman who has recently negotiated a great deal on a new or used car, they would love to hear your story! Did you buy online or walk in to dealership? How did you research your purchase? How did you go about negotiating? What troubles did you encounter and how did you overcome them? ...more

New Study Says SUVs Need Stronger Roofs

Original post: askpatty.com Do you feel safe in the event your SUV rolls over? When you look for a vehicle, do you think about roof strength as a safety issue? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does. In a recent report the Institute concludes that more than 200 deaths in 2006 could have been prevented with strong SUV roofs. Some automakers have insisted there’s no connection between roof strength and passenger safety. Wouldn’t basic physics make it fairly obvious that a stronger roof would be less likely to crush in a rollover accident? That seems pretty obvious to me. But there was no direct link until now. ...more

NHTSA releases new car seat safety ratings

Originally posted at askpatty.com. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released new car seat ease-of-use ratings. A new five-star ratings system will help parents evaluate car seat features before they buy. ...more

How to Travel with an Infant

cross-posted from askpatty.com. Every holiday season my husband and I drive to my parents’ house, from California to Missouri. We usually drive straight through, only stopping for quick breaks, food, and gas. But this year, our son (born on Thanksgiving) came with us. The logistics of traveling with an infant make the trip a lot more complicated than normal, especially since this is an extended trip. The following tips can make your trip a little smoother. ...more

Hot Holiday Gift Could Attract Thieves

Cross posted from askpatty.com. So you want a portable global positioning system (GPS) for Christmas. It’s a hot-selling item this year, with retailers like Garmin and TomTom competing for your dollars. For directionally-challenged consumers, these items are a must-have. Whether you get lost near home or want reassurance when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, portable GPS units are a relatively inexpensive high-tech helper. But thieves are also eyeing your new toy. Dash-mounted GPS units are easy pickings for those bent on crime. A quick smash and grab is all it takes and you’re replacing a window and your recent purchase. ...more